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The FOR YOU Cook Counselor

My wife is super lazy. ? [Hello Counselor Sub : ENG,THA / 2018.02.05] (June 2019).


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The cooking guide for you

That's how it's done

Store food in the refrigerator

What you should consider when storing your fridge.

Food Quality

How to recognize

to get good olive oil?

There are some indications that you can use to recognize good olive oil.

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To eat healthy food

The power of green vegetables

How healthy is green vegetables really?


The Japanese cuisine

Learn all about the healthy food of East Asia!

Tips and tricks from the kitchen

10 ingenious kitchen tips

So the work in the kitchen is fast from the hand.

FOR YOU special

Favorite recipes for the Thermomix

The new FOR YOU special contains recipes and tips for the Thermomix.

Now it's getting crisp

Prepare mangetout peas

Cooking, frying, freezing: It's so easy.

The FOR YOU guide around the topic of cooking

Surely you know that too: You are in the kitchen and you want to cook a great menu, but somehow you feel that you are doing something wrong all the time and you urgently need someone to assist you with good advice. Many questions arise when you do not deal with the vegan or vegetarian way of life every day. What, for example, are the health benefits of vegetarian cooking and how exactly does vegan cooking work? Or what should I look for when baking cookies with children? On this page you will find many exciting topics that will give you valuable tips and familiarize you with the basics of cooking. Insbosendere it's always good to know how the perfect steak is fried and what the basic recipe looks like, so you can really score with friends at the next cooking session. Ever wanted to try out meat and fresh vegetables in a wok? Then we also have great advice for this type of cooking. We also answer your questions about money and cooking and hope that you can do the perfect meal just as well or even better. After all, we are all gifted chefs who sometimes just have to be able to help a little bit to perfect the art. In this sense, we wish you a lot of fun reading our articles and maybe there is also one or the other helpful tip for you.

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