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Lightweight diet recipes

Weight Cut Recipe for Fighters: High Protein, Low Carb (June 2019).


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Salmon fillet from the oven

Here's how to prepare salmon quickly and easily.

FOR YOU diet recipes


White bean carrot soup

Our delicious white bean and carrot soup is diet-suited and super delicious.

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Vegetable curry with yoghurt and tofu

The recipe vegetable curry with the delicious-fresh yoghurt sauce comes from the 24-St



Asian fried noodles with vegetables

Slim Pasta: The Asian fried noodles with the fresh vegetables are delicious and very tasty



Turkey steak with paprika and avocado salad

Fiery chili, fruity orange juice and lots of vegetables frame the grilled


Almased recipes

Almased Recipes: Red Porridge Smoothie

Almased Recipes: Omelette with mushrooms

Almased Recipes: Blueberry Yogurt Mix

Almased Recipes: Vegetarian Vegetable Lasagna

Almased Recipes: Burgers with a twist

Almased Recipes: Kiwi Sour

Diet Recipes

Whole wheat and poppy seed rolls

Indulge your intestines and make your intestinal flora, which makes you slim.



Refined turnip soup

The highlight: a shot of homemade orange oil.


Colorful barley risotto

Healthy, vegan and with many vital substances - the barley risotto is a great G


Diet recipe

Mango avocado caprese

Find out how easy it is to prepare!

Oven vegetables with ham

Fettuccine with chicken breast and mushrooms

Low-calorie konjag noodles with salmon and leek

Sea bass with lemon

Healthy cabbage soup

Colorful barley risotto

All diet recipes can be found here

Light and low-calorie recipes

Here are all who put a lot of emphasis on a healthy diet and still want to lose weight and want to keep this, delicious and low-calorie diet recipes. From delicious smoothies to light salads such as the Italian porcini mushroom salad to delicious low-calorie recipes. Our diet recipes make losing weight much easier. Enjoyment is also in the Almased Special, delicious recipes are there in the foreground, the loss comes almost by itself. The preparation and cooking of most dishes on is very simple and easy to copy. In addition, each recipe lists all ingredients, as well as the calories contained in the dish, which are marked with the abbreviation Kcal. Many delicious diet recipes that are easy to remember are just waiting to be cooked by you.

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