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Barbecue: Recipes & Tips

How to Grill for Beginners : Grilling & Cooking (June 2019).


When the first rays of sunshine prevail and it stays light again in the evening, the best time of the year begins: the barbecue season! Here you will find the best recipe ideas around meat, fish and vegetarian, but also tips on the different grilling methods and winter barbecue.



Mediterranean shashlik rosemary skewers

Grilled Mediterranean shashlik and rosemary skewers for meat lovers.

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Rack of lamb with vegetables

Rack of lamb with vegetables. With tomato and juicy eggplant.


Turkey breast fillet in honey and mustard marinade

Turkey breast fillet in honey and mustard marinade with toasted baguette and colorful salad leaves.

We love BBQ

Juicy roast beef from the grill: this is how it works!

So inspire your guests at the next barbecue.


Oriental ground beef skewers

The taste is a special spice mix.


Grill chicken with breadcrumbs

Instead of serving dumplings as a side dish, the



So it is spicy and juicy

grilled trout

We have the recipe for the perfect grilled trout.


Sardines on crostini

With lemon-flavored pea puree.

Grill recipes

Recipes for grilled fish

Whether whole or as a crispy grilled fillet: fish can be on versc



Grill recipes

Mediterranean eggplant with tomatoes

Mediterranean and fresh from the grill tastiest.

Grill vegetables

Barbecue potato skewers from the grill

Spicy sheep's cheese in batter

Bean Mushroom Burger

Grilled vegetables

Grill sweet potato


Fresh barbecue

Recipe: make coleslaw yourself

With just a few ingredients, a tasty cabbage salad is conjured up.

Juicy and spicy

Recipe for watermelon salad

We have the recipe for this juicy and spicy salad for you.


Salad recipes: healthy barbecue side dishes

You should not miss these salads when grilling.

Side dishes

Grill recipes

Make barbecue spice yourself

The salt in the soup is the grill spice when grilling!


Quick homemade

Delicious tomato butter

Discover the quick recipe for this delicious B



Salad recipes: healthy barbecue side dishes

You should not give up these salads when grilling



Dips & sauces

Whether as an appetizer, side dish or barbecue: We wish




Grilled pineapple with orange caramel

Pineapple with orange caramel. Good with banana

Grill recipes

Grilling fruit

We will show you how to prepare fruits as dessert or as a sweet and vegetarian alternative on the grill.

Grill recipes

Dessert for grilling: sweet from the rust

Even for those with a sweet tooth, the grill can prepare delicious dishes. We give tips for sweet grilled desserts.


Grill season

Tips on grilling

Which barbecue is the right one? Which meat and which fish succeed best on the grid? And how do you cook vegetables on the grill?


Frosty pleasure


Barbecues are also in winter, when it's cold. How this works best and how the meat tastes even in the cold, you will learn in the following article.

Classic barbecue pleasure

The charcoal grill

Whether chic ball or rustic swing grill, for many smoke aroma and campfire romanticism to a successful BBQ just add.


This is how grilling is fun

The right grill accessories

The summer beckons for a barbecue in the garden.



Indirect barbecue: That's the way it works

Welcome barbecue season!


Weber's Grill Recipes by GU


Sardines on crostini

With lemon-flavored pea puree.

Vegan barbecue

Delicious recipes for vegan barbecues

Recipes for vegan barbecue dishes.

Tips and Tricks

This is how the grill fish succeeds

With our tips, the next grilled fish will surely succeed.

With apple and white cabbage

Hearty farmer's salad

Discover the recipe for hearty farm salad.

Tips & Guides

Barbecue fun in the park

Read here what you need to consider when grilling in the park.

Ran to the sausage

Make the sausage yourself

From the kitchen directly onto the grill.


BBQ recipe

Sweet potato fries

Recipe for spicy sweet potato fries with herb sauce.

Grill recipes

Recipe for stick bread with Parmesan and ham

Whether at the romantic campfire or at the cozy barbecue party with friends -


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