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Collect mushrooms and mushroom recipes

Amazing harvesting and cooking mushrooms (June 2019).


Here you will find our most delicious mushroom recipes with mushrooms, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms and everything your heart desires. In addition, we have information and tips for you, what you have to consider when mushroom picking.

Tips and facts

mushroom Guide

Toxic or edible?

When mushroom picking you should be well versed. We reveal which mushrooms can safely go into the basket and which not.

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Tips and Tricks

Keep mushrooms properly

Refrigerator, freeze or rather dry? We betray it.

Test your knowledge

The big mushroom quiz

Are you familiar with the many kinds of mushrooms?


Can you eat mushrooms raw?

Find out everything worth knowing about the raw consumption of mushrooms here.

to pick mushrooms

The best mushroom areas in Germany

When does the mushroom season begin and where exactly should I search?

kitchen Tips

Clean mushrooms properly

Would you like to know how to really clean mushrooms?



Toxic mushrooms

There are many poisonous mushrooms that you should definitely not eat.


to pick mushrooms

Ever wanted to collect mushrooms for your favorite dish?


Mushroom recipes

recipe ideas

Chanterelle recipes

There is something for everyone here. Chanterelles are a specialty among mushrooms - rightly so!

Mushroom recipes

Cep recipes

Mixed mushroom recipes

Recipes and tips from the kitchen gods

Simply refined

Toast with pears, chanterelles and mountain cheese

Pasta classics with a difference

Spaghetti Carbonara with chanterelles

mushroom recipe

Pickled mushrooms

mushroom recipe


recipe idea

Cep butter with oregano

recipe idea

Crostini with mushrooms

recipe idea

Bruschetta with wild mushrooms

Delicious side dish

Bread mushrooms


Bacon Mushroom Sandwich

recipe idea

Mushroom risotto

Delicious from the pan

Hearty Schupfnudelpfanne with Egerlingen and thyme

Get fed up quickly

Recipe: Hearty mushroom casserole

Cook with 5 ingredients

Portobello mushrooms baked with polenta


Fast mushroom goulash


Mushroom cream cheese cream


Potato soup with mushrooms

Collect mushrooms and mushroom recipes

At what time of the year is it best to pick mushrooms? Under which trees do mushrooms grow? Where are the best mushroom areas in Germany? Collecting mushrooms is fun and there is a lot to learn. From April to November you can go mushroom hunting but the best time is autumn. In our mushroom special we have summarized tips for beginners and the best mushroom areas in Germany and answer the most important questions about mushroom picking. In addition, we show you the pictures of poisonous mushrooms, here it says: Stay away! If you succeeded in collecting, we have put together our best mushroom recipes for mushrooms, chanterelles, porcini mushrooms and mixed mushrooms. We wish you a successful mushroom season and a good appetite!

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