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Best Recipes for JULY | Cakes, Cupcakes and More Yummy Dessert Recipes (June 2019).


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Tasty mexican

Salmon tortilla with avocado and mango salsa

Five ingredients - and a delicious meal is ready!

Cook with 5 ingredients

Tarte with pears and truffle salami

So easy, so delicious: You should absolutely try this recipe!

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Gluten-free recipe

Chicken curry with chickpeas

You only need five ingredients for this recipe.

Risotto, salads and more

Our best zucchini recipes

From soup to quiche to delicious pasta dishes, we have collected many delicacies for you.

Fruity and fresh


The perfect summer cake with fresh fruits.

baking recipe

Berry foam pie

Red groats give the cake creation a fruity note.

Kitchen Girls

Food blog

Kitchen Girls

They reveal their favorite recipes and give an insight into their experimental kitchen: Heidi, Olga, Leona and Nina are our Kitchen Girls!

Food blogger recipes

Breakfast eggs with a difference

Puff pastry wind turbines

Peach butter cream cake

Puff fruit baskets

Plum dumplings with vanilla sauce

Breaded Weißwürstl with chestnut-bacon-savoy cabbage

Chocolate cantuccini with pistachios

Cherry pie

Fast apple tart

Bison steak with mushroom salad

Lemon Cheesecakes

Oven squash with corn salad

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Diet Recipes


Clear turnip soup

Refined with a mushroom-onion mixture.

Easy recipe

Salad wrap with avocado

Read the simple recipe here.

Super Food Recipe

Goji Chocolate Shake

The goji chocolate shake makes for a tiring Tr


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baking recipes

Vegan Key Lime Pie

Vegan buckwheat pancakes

Bee sting cake with raspberry cream

Vegan cherry crumble cake

Nut nougat chocolate tart with Fleur de Sel

Vanilla sprinkles with raspberries and peaches

Egg liqueur cake

Rhubarb meringue cake

Creamy quark cake

Badischer cheese cake

Torta Caprese

Cherry pie

American Oatmeal Cream Pies

Chocolate Peanut Pie

O Torta di Mele!

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Cooking videos

Fast plate

Zucchini Cashew Salad with Parmesan

Delicious salad with zucchinis and cashew nuts, lightning sc


Fast plate

Apple pie from the glass

Hardly any effort, big effect: with this fruity after


Fast plate

Lightning-Kaiserschmarrn with cranberries

Kaiserschmarrn with a difference, with cranberries.

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Cornelia Poletto's recipes

Leg of lamb with garlic and artichokes

Chestnut tagliatelle with beans and pesto

Scampi with vegetable tartare

Pasta e fagioli

Eggplant Caponata

Chicken Involtini with artichoke vegetables

Vegetarian dishes by Cornelia Poletto

Semolina dumplings with strawberry sauce

Gratinated artichokes with goat cheese filling

Chard Frittata

Loup de Mer in the salt crust

Minestrone verde with shrimp and mint pesto

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Cooking Guide

That's how it's done

Store food in the refrigerator

What you should pay attention to when storing your fridge


Food Quality

How to recognize

to get good olive oil?

There are some hints, on the basis of which one good olive oil


To eat healthy food

The power of green vegetables

How healthy is green vegetables really?

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The passion of cooking
When it comes to cooking, there are two types of cook, one who has made cooking his passion and one who does it because he has to do it. For both types we have put together many great recipes, some are simple, some more sophisticated, but one thing is clear, our recipes make you hungry and make your mouth water. For example, we offer a selection of great vegetarian recipes, delicious dessert variations and many baking ideas. If it's going to be a little easier, you'll find it in our varied diet recipes. We also like to inspire new creations, such as the totally hip cake pops, the small, round cakes on style have conquered the baking world in no time at all and are enjoying increasing popularity. You do not have enough time to cook at the moment? No problem, because our video section "Schneller Teller" conjures a delicious meal on the table, which is easy to boil. It's up to you and your idea of ​​a delicious cake or a juicy steak. Swing the wooden spoon and enjoy our delicious recipes. Tip: If you do not know what to expect at Christmas or Easter, of course, we also offer delicious recipe ideas for roast goose, duck leg or Hefezopf.

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