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Children are the greatest

Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All (Official Music Video) (April 2019).


Loud, colorful and full of emotions: What would a life be without children? Little boys and girls often have a lot of fun behind the ears, like to test their limits and love to annoy mom and dad. But as cheeky as they are sometimes - parents would probably give everything for their little ones and of course wish them carefree childhood with lots of fun, great moments and beautiful memories. What childhood makes easy and happy, and what parents can do just that, can be found in our guide articles on this page.

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For a restful night

10 sleep tips for children

Did you know that too many digital stimuli inhibit the relaxed falling asleep of the child?

Active outdoors

The best outdoor activities for children

We have the best tips for outdoors.


When children move out

It hurts when they move out, a gap remains.


A secure network

Tips for a child-safe Internet

Many parents are proud that their children today so naturally in the internal


Eating disorder

Diagnosing anorexia

Hanna-Charlotte developed her eating disorder three years ago.


family holiday

Holidays with children

Laughing together, chasing time, making new discoveries: family holidays k


Safe handling of money

Pocket money for children

From when and in what amount is pocket money appropriate?


Bullying among children and adolescents

It is important that we do something about it.

Educational Counselor

May my child be home alone?

There is no statutory provision, but p


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