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Baking recipes for every occasion

FUN and Easy Chocolate Cake Recipes | 12 Yummy Cake Decorating Ideas For Every Occasion (March 2019).


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Delicious cake recipes for the spring

Baking with fruit

Sheet cake with fresh strawberries

Sweet meringue makes this cake a real treat.

Baking with ricotta

Ricotta apricot tart

If you like apricots, you should try this recipe.

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Baking with rhubarb

Rhubarb meringue cake

Although rhubarb is sour, it is delicious in combination with meringue.

Airy baking enjoyment

Cupcakes with cream cheese topping

Seduction in pastel: delicious cupcakes from the USA with a creamy topping!

Baking with lemon

juicy lemoncake

Fresh lemons give the cake a sour kick.

Fruity baking recipe

Blueberry tart

A slightly different variant of the classic Tarte.

Recipes from the Kitchen Girls

Food blog

Kitchen Girls

They reveal their favorite recipes and give an insight into their experimental kitchen: Heidi, Olga, Leona and Nina are our Kitchen Girls!



Rhubarb Tartlets

Cake fast and easy

Cherry cake with hazelnut sprinkles

baking recipes

Cranberry cake: sweet and sour seduction


Ricotta apricot tart


Quark and gooseberry role


Apple layer cake


Apricot cake with amaretti sprinkles


Apple slices with nut meringue

to bake

Mandarin cheesecake with meringue dome


Gooseberry pie

to bake

Bee sting cake with raspberry cream


Chocolate pear cake


Delicate raspberry tartlets


Strawberry Cake


Apple crumble Cake

to bake

Sheet cake with quark cream and meringue

Cake with chocolate

For Chocoholics

Chocolate cake with liquid core

The dream of every chocolate lover.

Skilled crossing

Baking recipe for Brookies

Brookies are a tasty cross between brownies and cookies.

All American

Whoopie pie

Fresh from the USA and delicious.

Chocolate dream

Nutella Cake

This cake is a dream of Nutella.

Salty meets sweet

Chocolate tart with Fleur de Sel

Salt tickles the certain something out of the chocolate cake.

The slightly different brownie

Chestnut Flour Brownie

Instead of flour, chestnut flour is used in this recipe.

Vegan enjoyment

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Pie

Chocolate and peanut are always a good idea.

A classic

Cold dog

This cake does not just taste children.


New Year's Eve

New Year's donuts - tastefully into the new year!

This stuffed donut holds a very special New Year surprise.


Churros with chocolate sauce

Dunk and bite: The churros are a tasty alternative to power



Poppy-seed books with red wine pears

Make a wonderful wine out of a good red wine and delicious poppybuds


Sweet dessert

Kaiserschmarrn from the oven

How to prepare the Austrian sweet.

The fast cup brownie

Cottage cheese with cherries

Three kinds of tea pralinés

Recipes by Cynthia Barcomi

The best waffle recipes

Delicate lemon roll

Lemon buffer with cranberry frosting

Heavenly Petit Fours Tartlets

Recipe for apple cake

Lemon cake pops with white chocolate

Baumkuchen Triangle

Spicy carrots cupcake

Chocolate mash with blueberry ice cream

Butterfly cupcakes

Recipe: making macaroons yourself

All dessert recipes

Cookies and biscuits

baking recipes

Saffron Monde

The moon has risen - and the plate is soon empty.


Cookie Recipe

Cappuccino Chocolate Cookies

Filled with creamy coffee cream - ideal as a gift.

Cookie Recipe

Macadamia meringue

These airy cookies are noble by the gold ornament richitg.

Cookie Recipe


If you like licorice, you will love these cookies. Also beautiful as a star.

Almond macarones

Heideand cookies

Snowman Cookies

Gingerbread bell

Sugar Angel

lemon hearts


Pecan diamonds

Gingerbread winter landscape

Pastry crinkles

Nut corners with vanilla sugar

Spicy speculoos

Gingerbread Recipe

Gluten-free cookies

Shortcrust pine trees

All cookie recipes

All baking recipes can be found here

Delicious baking recipes for every occasion
Baking is fun. We have thought so and offer you a wide selection of different recipes, all of which are very simple to implement and yet extremely tasty. With our free cake recipes you will learn how to make eg a chocolate-cherry tart itself or how to conjure a fruity fruit cake quickly and easily. Whether creative cupcakes, small cake pops or simply chocolate-nut cookies. With our baking tips you conjure delicious and irresistible pastries for every occasion. Incidentally, you will learn all about the latest baking trends and get delicious recipes provided by our food bloggers. Our tip: Also try our recipe of the month. Guaranteed a gemschackliches highlight!

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