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Parenting: happiness and challenge

Challenge for Authentic Happiness and Steps Toward More Positive Parenting (May 2019).


For parents, there is nothing better than to see their own children grow up and to accompany them through the different stages of their lives. Especially at the beginning of the parent's life, maybe even before or during pregnancy, sometimes uncertainties can arise: Will it be a boy or a girl? Which name do we choose? What is good for me during pregnancy, what can I eat and what not? So that you can tackle the daily new challenges and tasks with bravado, we will help you a bit and provide you with helpful tips and tricks for parenting.

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After pregnancy

So the time is relaxed in the childbed

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Problem: separation

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About the change of the mother role

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I pack my …

… clinic bag and take with you …

These things must not be missing in the clinic bag.

Missing mother feelings

Illness baby blues

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Childless in Germany

Women who are not mothers are often considered selfish



Ammenmärchen: Will it be a girl or a boy?

Learn what hints are there.

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