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30-Minute Strength, Cardio, and Pilates Core Workout (June 2019).


Are you an avowed sports muffle? Soon, no more, because we have put together fitness exercises for you that are fun, with which you can get fit and, by the way, lose weight as well. Yoga, Pilates, zumba, jogging or cycling - with our fitness tips, sport feels much easier. And brand new: the FOR YOU fitness videos - take a look and participate! You can not get up to sports after work? We have motivational tips for you, with which there will soon be no more excuses and you really feel like getting out of shape after a long day at the office. And another positive side effect: Sport reduces stress!

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Sports and fitness

finger exercises

Yoga Pilates: Finger Yoga on the go

This makes it easy to compensate for small mood swings.

Fitness Trends

On the trampoline, get set, go!

Trampoline jumping makes you slim and happy. We have some exercises for you.

Train by train to the dream body

Training with the Thera Band

Training with the elastic Thera-Band is gentle and extremely effective.


Fitness Trends

Trail Running

What is behind the new trend sport, read here.

Fit through yoga

Yoga for the immune system - Never catch a cold

The ancient healing knowledge from India wants to prevent suffering.


Special: fitness videos for the home

Fitness videos that make you (nice) legs! Excuses no longer count because our fitness videos make you fit and slim from the comfort of your own home


Yoga Pilates for a flat stomach

We'll show you five exercises to follow.


Anti Gravity Yoga

Read more about the new trend sport from the USA.

Healthy and tasty

Almonds as a fitness snack

Everything worth knowing about the brown kernels you will learn


evening programme

Yoga Pilates: Relaxation program for evenings

Gentle training for the body and inner balance.

The soul flies

Yoga - How Yoga Can Change Life

We grant an exclusive insight into the Cheerful bestseller.

Meditation in the open air

Outdoor Yoga

We'll show you where to roll out the yoga mat anywhere.

Strength training and muscle building

Exercises with the Thera Band

The elastic bands build up muscles and relieve pain

More fitness topics can be found here

Be healthy and stay fit through fitness

Sport is a huge hurdle for many of us, but improving one's fitness can also be a lot of fun, because all of a sudden it means, "On your marks, get set, go!" and you're already in the middle of the exercise. Some people just need some motivation to finally get going when it comes to fitness. Regular sport is not only an important issue for the health, but also for the mind and the soul. To make sure that you do not get bored with the, sometimes sweaty, fitness exercises in the future, we have put together a lot of great ideas for you on this page, which offers the optimal training program for everyone. Whether it's Pilates, yoga or, one of the latest trend sports, Aqua Zumba, there's everything you need for a good workout and fun too. Recently we have even moving visual material, which makes the imitation of the effective training exercises as easy as possible. Feel inspired and motivated by our fitness videos. Sweating is fun!

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