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Everything for your baby

A Baby Changes Everything - Faith Hill (May 2019).


When a baby is on the road, a new, exciting time begins. A man and a woman become mum and dad and the small result of love turns the whole world upside down. Even before birth many questions arise: What to do if the baby is a writing baby? Can I also make Babybrei myself and thereby save costs? In our baby special you will find useful tips for a good start in life.

Preparations for the baby

Diapers, prams and Co.

Baby Original Equipment: You really need that

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We clarify what is needed and what you can save yourself.

Reassurance through security

Swinging: That's how the baby comes to rest

Read the advantages and disadvantages of the puck here.

Bureaucracy around the baby: you have to know that

Buggy in the test

Cesarean section: The alternative birth method

All-rounder baby oil

Find the perfect baby name

Baby Led Weaning: When the baby feeds itself

All self-made


Make the dummy chain yourself: instructions and tips

Made easy yourself!


Cute baby shoes

Colorful scraps can be used for cute baby shoes.


Cute baby gift

diaper cake

For once a cake that you can not eat.


Crocheted jellyfish mobile

The playful jellyfish mobile conjures up your little ones gara



Baby blanket in blue tones

Sew a cozy baby blanket with us


For the Leckermäulchen

supplementary diet

Baby porridge with meat: recipe with beef

Recipe for baby porridge with meat.

supplementary diet

Make grain-fruit porridge for babies themselves

Tips for preparation.

Baking recipes for babies and toddlers

Spelled sticks without sugar

Read the recipe from the blog here.

Before birth

Baby-Shower: So the party succeeds for the expectant mother

The best recipes and instructions.

supplementary diet

Mix grain porridge for babies themselves

You should know that for the preparation.

supplementary diet

Make fruit pulp yourself

Simple recipe for fruit puree.

Baking recipes for toddlers

Apfelmusbrötchen without sugar

Read the recipe from the blog here.

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