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Effective weight loss methods and tips

Dr. Oz Discusses the Total 10 Rapid Weight-Loss Plan (March 2019).


Slim legs, a flat stomach, a tight butt: What woman does not dream of the perfect figure. To lose weight quickly, but still healthy and permanently, you need a great deal of discipline and motivation. How About The Glyx Diet, Paleo Diet Or Sauerkraut Diet? With us you will not only find interesting facts about different weight loss methods, but also delicious diet recipes and special fitness exercises for problem areas.

Weightloss Tips

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Lose weight

Ideas for healthy snacks

Healthy snacks that taste good and are still real insider tips.


Losing weight with the Master Cleanse diet

Detoxify with the help of sweet and sour drinks?


Lose weight

The new Slim in the sleep formula

What is behind this diet, read here.

Detoxify the body

Schroth cure: fasting in the Allgäu

We reveal what makes the fasting after Schroth.

Lose weight

Faster diet with weight loss pills?

What should you watch out for with weight loss pills?

The Atkins diet

Why am i not losing weight?

The glyx diet

The Dukan diet

Losing weight by swimming

Low calorie birch sugar

Stay fit

Fitness Trends

On the trampoline, get set, go!

Trampoline jumping makes you slim and happy. We have some exercises for you.


Anti Gravity Yoga

Read more about the new trend sport from the USA.

Trendsport LISS training

With LISS cardio to the bikini figure

Get your body in shape with this trend sport.

trend Sports


Everything important about the varied sport.

Pain free and healthy

The best exercises for a strong back

Our back needs regular training to keep up with us in everyday life.


More weight loss tips can be found here

Simply lose weight - with success to the dream figure

You feel uncomfortable with your figure and want to lose the excess love handles on your stomach and thighs as fast as possible? Do not worry. With a bit of self-control, your pounds will tumble quickly. In all diets a balanced diet with healthy food is the alpha and omega. Low carbohydrates and fat, but plenty of vegetables and proteins can promote weight loss and achieve positive results within a few weeks. Here's how you can lose weight and maintain your weight - no matter what your age. Sufficient sleep, lots of exercise and a healthy diet are crucial for the body and the health. Avoid alcohol, high-carbohydrate foods and sugar during the diet phase, and instead focus on light foods such as fruits and vegetables. On your diet should be predominantly low-fat, sugar-free or low carb recipes during the diet phase.

A dietary change with low-calorie food is one of the most important elements during the diet phase. Asparagus, for example, is very good for losing weight, but you should abstain from the calorie-containing sauces. It is best to do a lot of sports and your belly fat, which has accumulated over the years, gradually disappears. Protein-containing products like Almased can be a useful supplement to lose weight.

We'll tell you in which drinks true sugar traps lurk for you and why too much stress can make you fat. You will also learn everything about the OMG weight loss method and the 24-hour diet, from which you can read personal testimonials. We also explain how to avoid it and what to look for.

Unfortunately, after many diets, an effect that brings back the effortlessly lost kilos back to your balance display - and on the hip, stomach and buttocks: The notorious yo-yo effect. We've got a closer look at the yo-yo effect and know what it's like to have the love handles washed again soon after losing weight and what you can do about it.

With all diets and weight loss programs, it is important that they fit your body and your health and that they integrate well into your daily routine. Even if the way to the dream figure is still so hard - stay strong and believe in yourself!

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