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The right application 10 rules for online applications
DIY-Anleitung Smartphone case made of cork itself
Handicraft Creative porcelain painting

A heart for the family



Living together in a family can be wonderful - sometimes a bit exhausting. See each other regularly, talk, laugh and cry, spend free time together and just be there for each other: All these things require the willingness to engage with each other and, if necessary, to take a back seat. Nonetheless, each family member occupies a very special place in our hearts and accompanies us for a lifetime.

Everything for your baby

Before birth

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Baby-Shower: So the party succeeds for the expectant mother

The best recipes and instructions.

Baking recipes for babies and toddlers

Spelled sticks without sugar

Read the recipe from the blog here.


Cuddly baby blanket

This blanket becomes a piece of jewelery in its varied knitting patterns



Knit fish rattle and baptism pillows

Personal gifts are very popular at a christening: the set of rattle un


Everything about an operative delivery

Cesarean section: The alternative birth method

The operative delivery is no longer a medical exception.

Formalities before and after birth

Bureaucracy around the baby: you have to know that

We reveal what to pay attention to.

Childhood and youth

Safe by vaccination

Vaccinations: Tips & Info

For school doctors is clear: The benefits of vaccinations is much greater than potential dangers. Nevertheless, some questions remain, especially with parents.

A secure network

Tips for a child-safe Internet

Gentle healing

Alternative medicine for children


Cuddly sweater for children

Educational Counselor

May my child be home alone?

Safe handling of money

Pocket money for children


Bullying among children and adolescents

family holiday

Holidays with children

For a restful night

10 sleep tips for children

Parenting: happiness and challenge

I pack my …

… clinic bag and take with you …

These things must not be missing in the clinic bag.

Signals of the body

6 signs of an impending birth

This is how you recognize the signals before the big event.

May I introduce, my mom

The FOR YOU editorial presents her mothers

Great mother-child teams from the editorial.

Ideas for the baptism gift

Ammenmärchen: Will it be a girl or a boy?

Last chance: Artificial insemination?

Parent-child relationships

Celebrating New Year's Eve with the children

How to determine your fertile days

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