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Tip 1: How to decorate a party room
Knitting instructions The most beautiful clothes for self-knitting
Canning apricot jam

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DIY is very trendy. No wonder, because in times when we spend more and more time in front of the computer, real manual work can help us to relax in everyday life. With our ideas for decorating and our craft instructions you can live out your creativity, beautify your home or make friends and family a joy.

Nice decoration ideas


Children's wallpaper to make your own

This is creative recycling: a few wallpaper leftovers

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Curtain with Caribbean flair

Set trends and beautify your home with i


Great fabric ideas

Do it yourself: Rural lifestyle

We go to the laundry!


New residential trends

The garden season is open

Live outside

The most beautiful furniture and accessories for the summer season

Discovered for you: Colorful patterns in fashion and design

Patchwork everywhere

Now being combined: different fabrics and patterns, materials and techniques give modern design a cheerful, comfortable surface charm

Living idea

New furniture for more storage space

You need more space for the things in your apartment? No problem.

Beautiful living with decoration tips from FOR YOU
Feel at home here. We'll introduce you to the latest living trends and show you simple yet effective furnishing tips that will inspire you. With our diverse decoration ideas and home accessories, you can enhance your home in addition. We'll tell you where to buy fancy designer furniture for a good price, or make great DIY ideas, such as colorful cushions or practical laundry bags. We also think your garden should look nicely maintained and comfortably furnished. That's why you'll get helpful tips on how to make your terrace glorious in the spring and also conjure up a cozy oasis from a bare balcony. Here you get the necessary information about the manufacturer up to detailed instructions to make your own. Whether house, apartment, garden, terrace or balcony, our furnishing tips are a real feel-good guarantee.

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