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Type consultation with our beauty coach

Master Consultation Series Part 1: 5 minutes for a quality consultation (April 2019).


Fancy a personal type consultation with our FOR YOU beauty coach? Then apply and get inspired by him and his professional color advice and selection of matching outfits.

FOR YOU type consulting

Type advice with a lot of color

Get out of the gray!

Petra revealed her dark side: black sweaters, brown pants, barely bright colors. High time for a new look

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Before, afterwards

Type advice: Simply exemplary

Eye-catching prints instead of plain in pastel - Kristina relies on a strong Ausstra


Before, afterwards

Type advice: Star appeal

Classically elegant instead of a gray mouse - Simone takes off with happiness!

Before, afterwards

Type advice: Gold-Marie

In Maria, the color makes the music!

Before, afterwards

Type advice: You shine so!

New hairstyle, elegant outfits and neat color - that's Nicole's summer look!

Type advice: Now with pony!

Umstyling: More femininity!

Type consultation: courage to change


Feminine look

Everything new: Nicole directs her life in different ways. It's clear that the fashionable styling should not be missing

Before, afterwards

Type advice: From the girl to the woman

"New hair? Ah, you are freshly separated. "Wrong!


Styling: before and after

Chic everyday look

The perfect everyday look for Julie!

Before, afterwards

Type advice: very ladylike

As a doctor, Simone wears white. And after work?


Before, afterwards

Type advice: Let's party!

These styling ideas make Diana shine on the slopes.

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What kind of guy am I?
Not every woman can claim that she has already found her personal style and knows which haircut fits your type or which make-up is perfect for you. It's the same with you, or you just need a change? With our FOR YOU beauty coach we offer a professional type consultation from head to toe. You get a personal style advice that is individually tailored to you. A new haircut, a new hair color, a make-up that suits your age or makes you look younger. Whatever our beauty coach will do to you, the before / after effect will impress you. You will no longer recognize yourself and radiate a completely new self-confidence. Take a look at the testimonials of the last participants and be inspired by their changes. If you also feel like a professional type consultancy write to us.

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