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Care tips for body and skin

Skin care tips for teenagers (June 2019).


Our body care tips care for your skin from head to toe. Whether the right care tips for more beautiful feet, a fresh and young complexion, smooth legs or a wrinkle-free décolleté, here is something for every body part. With our tips and tricks you will radiate from inside and outside.

Our care tips

Pore-deep facial cleansing

Peel-off masks

With these masks, you simply pull the blackheads out of the skin.

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Gentle care

Coconut oil for the skin

The all-rounder gently cares for the face, body and hair.

Make natural cosmetics yourself

This is how coriander makes your skin healthy and beautiful

Calming and caring - this is how coriander works!

For beautiful skin

Remove pimple with the pacifier

How good are the new devices really?

For the beauty

Mandelic acid for the skin

We reveal the effect of fruit acid on the skin.

New beauty trend

Jelly masks for beautiful skin

That's what you should know about the jelly-like facial masks


Soothing effect for the skin

Orange blossom water for the beauty

Everything you need to know about plant water can be found here!

Gentle care for the face

Make turmeric mask yourself

Skin care without artificial contents and preservatives


Care for the face

Healing earth as a scrub

Say goodbye to pimples, oily skin and impurities!

Tips for a radiant complexion

Facial care at any age

We give care tips for young skin, skin over 30 and mature skin.

Short times misused

Allround Mouthwash: 10 great tips

For these things is suitable mouthwash - outside the mouth.

FOR YOU beauty test

Fruit acid scrubs: what can they really do?

The test results of the new beauty trend can be found here.

Laser and IPL method

Hair removal - finally smooth legs

That's what our author Jutta von Campenhausen wanted.


Further care tips can be found here

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