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Formal UPDOS for Medium Length Hair | 2018 Prom & Wedding Hairstyles (June 2019).


Whether noble or casual: updos give every outfit that certain something. With a little flair and our instructions you can manage every hairstyle in no time!

Elegant updos


Instructions: High Bun

This updo is not only among the stars of the Renner. No wonder: The look conjures a styling that looks glamorous and festive.



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Make updos quick and easy

Variety for long hair: Now is braided, knotted, turned!



Instructions: Half-up hair

This updo is suitable for every hair type and flatters every genre


Hairstyles Trends

Star Hairstyles: Upscale Styles

Stars wear events at their hair.



Faux Bob stuck right

The fake bob for long hairstyles is totally hip.


Casual updos


Just donut yourself

The updo hairstyle "Donut" is not only fast, she succeeds with a Duttkissen also right away. We'll tell you how it's done.


Instructions: loose updo

Playful and easy instead of tight-haired?



Instructions: updos for medium-length hair

The hair length between Bob and long mane is practical in everyday life - Hochsteckf



Instructions: Dutt stuck

FOR YOU, in this guide, shows you how to make your hair into one in no time


Do it Yourself

Hairstyles for every length

Not only when it gets warmer, hairstyles are ideal - during the day and in the evening.


Summer updos


Updos for every hair

We describe in our short tutorials how to make updos with every hair and every occasion. It's that easy!

Instructions: Great summer hairstyles

Summer Mane - updos for the hair

Hair up when temperatures rise!



The most beautiful summer hairstyles

Whether braided or updo hairstyle, open or with braid: the summer offers many opportunities


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