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Knitting and crochet instructions for socks

Super Easy Slipper Socks - FREE Crochet Pattern for Beginners | Yay For Yarn (June 2019).


Socks - they come in countless different shapes, colors and different materials. And best of all: you can easily knit even beautiful socks. With the right knitting pattern knitting socks is not difficult and even suitable for knitting beginners.

Discover our free knitting and crochet tutorials for socks of all sorts and start today with your favorite model.

Knitting and crocheting socks


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Knit summer socks yourself

The classic for knitting fans: socks! But these white summer socks are something special, really nice and easy to follow.



Comfortable yoga socks

These comfortable yoga socks really help you with every yoga exercise. The right threading instructions can be found here.


Knit striped socks

Cold feet? Such things can not happen with our cute socks!

The right wool for your cuddly socks
For sock knitting, it's best to use a stable wool blend that is well-twisted. Wool that is too loose will not stand up to the strain that socks are exposed to in the toe and heel areas. The socks would rub through very quickly. In addition, pure wool is far too scratchy for socks. If you want to enjoy your self-knitted socks for a long time, you should choose a wool that is at least 4- or 6-ply. The more individual threads have been twisted together, the more stable and resilient is the wool. For finer socks, which you can still wear well in summer, a wool with cotton content is well suited. Conventional sock wool usually consists of 75% virgin wool and 25% polyamide and has a relatively large thread structure. The cotton content makes this structure finer and the socks are thinner and lighter. For easy-care socks, you should also choose a wool that is machine washable and does not shrink. In order to be able to correctly estimate the consumption of a wool for a pair of socks, the manufacturer's instructions and a previously made mesh sample help.

Find the right needles
Knitting socks is initially difficult on knit beginners, as you work with four or five knitting needles at the same time. These are available from many manufacturers as practical needles, in which several needles are included. But once you knit a pair of socks yourself, it's not that hard anymore. Smooth stocking needles are best made from lightweight materials such as bamboo, aluminum or plastic. The optimal length of the needles is 15 to 20 centimeters and you should choose with the strengths two or three. Incidentally, not suitable for sock knitting are circular needles.

Knit socks - a quick guide
They always start with the stitching, in which the stitches are distributed evenly or as indicated in the knitting instructions on the four needles. Then start knitting the cuff and the shaft. This is followed by the heel, which consists of the heel wall and the coping. Then the gusset, the foot and finally the band lace of the sock are created. You can knit different patterns by taking a stitch with the needle and removing a stitch.

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