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Knit scarves and shawls and crochet

30-Minute Infinity Scarf! (May 2019).


Discover our wide range of different knit patterns, crochet and knit patterns for scarves and shawls of all kinds and start the knitting today.


Trendy pigtail scarf

The cuddly plush scarf warms on cold winter days. The right threading instructions can be found here.


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Oblique cloth "Madeira"

Crochet the slanted cloth "Madeira" with our guide.


Hipper Loop Scarf

We'll show you how to easily knit this hip loop scarf. Here is the free guide.

knitting blogger

Instructions: Knit loop of thick wool

Knitting blogger Jessica runs the site



Patent pattern scarf with headband

Download the knitting pattern for free.


Stole in orange and brown

Here you can download the knitting instructions for the stole.

Free crochet pattern

Crochet pattern for casual scarf

Find out here how to make your own fashionable winter scarf very easy


Top and scarf in melange look

Mohair scarf made of perforated knitwear

Vest scarf with cap

Crochet pattern for fashionable glitter loops

Mütze and loop scarf in mottled mauve

Shoulder loop

Colorful fringed scarf

Knitting instructions: tube scarf

Knitting instructions for the FOR YOU loop scarf


Striped scarf made of alpaca wool

The chic self-knitted scarf made of alpaca wool keeps you warm on chilly days.


Crochet pattern for flower cloth to make your own

Marine meets romance: The enchanting crochet towel is a real gem. Just crochet it! Here you will find the instructions.


Free knitting instructions

Knit XXL scarf yourself

Gentle powder tones and a simple pattern: This scarf always succeeds!

Free knitting instructions

The FOR YOU pearl pattern loop

Easily knit the FOR YOU pearl pattern loop.

Free knitting instructions

Trendy loop scarf with sequins

Knitt a warm loop with our knitting pattern.

Knitting scarves and shawls
Do it Yourself is a trend that almost no one can pass. Especially handicraft techniques such as knitting and crocheting have become popular again lately. Also in the field of fashion there are many great ideas and instructions for unique and original garments. Above all, accessories are quickly knit or crocheted and you can easily customize your own wardrobe.

Knit scarf for everyone
Due to the relatively simple knitting patterns, scarves and shawls are also ideal for beginners. A scarf is therefore the ideal sample for those who want to learn the skills of knitting or crocheting. If you are already experienced in the field of needlework, a mohair scarf made of hole embroidery or a vest scarf can be new challenges for you. In addition, there are of course different knitting patterns that you can choose depending on the level of knowledge for his scarf. Simple patterns that are suitable for beginners, for example, the patent pattern, the grid pattern or the pear pattern. The scarf becomes extra cuddly soft, if you only knit it on both sides with right stitches - this pattern is called frilly right. When choosing wool, the thicker the wool, the faster the scarf is knitted.

Classic scarves, hip loops and original crocheted kerchiefs

Scarves and shawls offer at least as much variety in their design as hats or other accessories. Classic knitted scarves and modern loops for every day, sophisticated crocheted shawls for warm days and chic stoles for the evening's celebration. And all this you can do yourself with our free crochet and knitting instructions.
Once you've learned the technique, knit scarves, shawls, caps, and sweaters in no time. These great unique items not only delight you, but also your loved ones, when you surprise them with a nice loop or a warm hat.

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