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Knitting - knitwear and trends

Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Knitwear Trend Report (May 2019).


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Free knitting instructions

Stole with zigzag pattern

A stylish stole for sunny beach days and cool summer evenings.

Free knitting instructions

Summer pullover in raspberry red

Fresh and sweet! This sweater is just waiting to be knit by you.

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Free knitting instructions

Loose summer sweater with raglan sleeves

Perfect for the holiday: light and airy loops in delicate lilac.

Free knitting instructions

Cashseta pullover in orange

A great sweater with wow effect!

Free knitting instructions

Short-sleeved cardigan

This delicate jacket is the perfect companion for cooler summer evenings.

Free knitting instructions

Sweater with Zackenajourmuster

A light sweater - perfect for the summer and special occasions.

Free knitting instructions

Petrol blue triangular scarf

The triangular scarf immediately catches the eye and enchants with its fine ajour pattern.

Free knitting instructions

Cardigan in beautiful blackberry tone

This jacket is an absolute eye-catcher - and cozy to it!

Free knitting instructions

Cuddly combination of cap and cloth

The Beenie hat and the triangular scarf are knitted in the Sleeping Beauty pattern.

Knitting for beginners

The Olsen Knitting Guide

Maintain knitting properly - tips and tricks

What to look for when washing, drying and storing knitwear


Knitting for beginners

Instructions for knitting with the Strickliesel

Strickliesel is not only popular with children: Adults can also use i


Knitting for beginners

Knit ajour pattern

We explain what an ajour pattern is and how to knit it.


The simple patent pattern

What exactly is the simple patent pattern and how is it knitted?


Knit caps

Free knitting instructions

Warm cap with leaf pattern

This cap keeps your ears warm.


Hat with fake fur pompon

This cuddly hat with fake fur pompom is totally in fashion, keeps you cozy and warm and is easy to make with our knitting pattern.

DIY instructions

Häkelmütze: Colorful magic

Now crochet! And a dreamlike cap, which brings this autumn and winter really color into play.


Free guide

Rustic basket

Handy for nuts or small items.

Free guide

Big snail pillow

Not only a cozy pillow, but also a great playmate.

Cuddly doll mermaid

Crochet pattern for little owls

Instructions for a casual crochet bag

Charity project: stitch by stitch Doing good

Crochet pattern for cap with a view

Crochet bag in shell pattern

Chic beach bag

Crochet pattern for summer top "La Palma"

Crochet Pattern Ring and Earrings "Mallow" by Natalie Häkelteufel

Knitting videos

DaWanda &

Turban beanie for self-knitting

We love knitting!


DaWanda &

Make pretty knit loop yourself

Our partner DaWanda shows us today the knitting pattern for a knitted loop



Crochet lampshade

A wonderful decoration ideas is our crocheted lampshade for even more beautiful



Video: Bind off the stitches

If you want to end your knitting project, you must take the Ma


KNITTING with tips and instructions from Fü

Time has shown that knitwear is and remains a trend. No matter if bought or homemade. Especially the latter has become a popular hobby for many young people in recent years. Whether in the tram or in the café: knitting women - and sometimes even men - as far as the eye can see.
Are you still a beginner and can not do much with terms like "stitching", "knitting back" and "knit circular stitching"? Then surely help you our numerous instructions. Our beginner knitting videos will also show you step by step how to make a great handcraft. If you are already one of the more advanced knitters then you will surely be delighted with the knitting patterns. On FOR YOU we provide knitting instructions for sweaters, designer clothing and much more for free download .

Our tip: Take a trip to the DIY world. Many great decoration and craft instructions await you there >>

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