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Wedding: ideas and tips for your wedding ceremony

A Wedding Ceremony for 2019: Write and Officiate the Perfect Ceremony (Like a Pro) (May 2019).


Your own wedding day should be the best day of your life. The big day can come with the proper planning and preparation of the bachelor party, wedding ceremony and celebration. To make it perfect, we have put together tips and instructions for you, from the wedding cake to the choice of a suitable gift, because everything has to be organized. You have planned a bigger party? Then use our checklist to remember nothing. The decoration is particularly important to you? Then let yourself be inspired by our ideas. Have fun planning your very special day!

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Everything about the engagement

"Will you marry me?"

We explain the custom and how you can celebrate it.

To the wedding

Invitation card with filigree lettering

This card is simple but tasteful.

Gift for the wedding

Mobile from folded banknotes

With this gift you prepare the bridal couple a very special joy!

diamond Shape

Which wedding ring suits me?

Find the right ring for your hand.

Wedding planning


Wedding Planning: The big checklist

The big day is approaching and you want everything to be perfect? With our checklist you have all the tips and at a glance.


The perfect wedding cake

The wedding cake is the highlight of every wedding



White honey truffle

Spoil your guests with noble honey truffles, over



The search for the ideal wedding cake

Multi-storey, fantastically decorated, flower-decorated s├╝



Gifts for the wedding guests

On the day of the wedding, gifts for the bride and groom are self-evident.



Wedding gifts and gift table

We have summarized some tips about wedding gifts for you



Ideas for the wedding table decoration

Tips for a successful guestbook

Valuable tips for your wedding decoration

Wedding fashion


How to find the perfect wedding dress

The wedding dress: A dream in white, elegant, delicate, unsurpassed. But not always the fantasy dress is actually the best for you.

Wedding dresses

Elegant wedding fashion

For you, the most beautiful looks for the bride, the groom and for you



How to find your wedding dress on the Internet

Many brides order their wedding dress on the internet.


The best baking recipes for the wedding

Fruity and fresh


baking recipe

Berry foam pie

With Ovaltine

Chocolate peanut tart


Pumpkin cupcakes with frosting

Dessert Recipe

Chocolate mash with blueberry ice cream


Fruity lemon cake

Sweet recipe

Stuffed marzipan cake


parrot cake


Cute zebra cake

Revani-Irmik Tatlisi

Turkish semolina cake with sugar syrup


Black forest strawberry cake

baking recipe

Tipsy Caipirinha Muffins

Sweet tradition

Swedish Midsommar strawberry pie

Cake without baking

Avocado Lime Pie

Raw food as a dessert

Delicious brownies - raw and vegan

Fluffy cake recipe

Lemon buffer with cranberry frosting

Fruit cake with a difference

Fruity apple tart with fine cinnamon

cake recipe

Sponge roll with chocolate cream

Bunch and fruity

Layer cake with fruits

Scandinavian treat

Danish coffee cake with frosting

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