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Download knitting instructions for free

FREE Friendship Cable Headband Knitting Pattern Video (April 2019).


Two on the left, two on the right, drop one … Did you grab the Knit Fever as well? Then you will surely find inspiration for your next project here.

Free knitting instructions

Sweater in light pastel colors

The soft sweater looks great in soft colors. He is knitted tight right - is easy and fast.

Free knitting instructions

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Stole with zigzag pattern

A stylish stole for sunny beach days and cool summer evenings.

The Olsen Knitting Guide

Maintain knitting properly - tips and tricks

What to look for when washing, drying and storing knitwear, read here.

Free knitting instructions

Summer pullover in raspberry red

Fresh and sweet!


Free knitting instructions

Loose summer sweater with raglan sleeves

Perfect for the holiday: light and airy loops in delicate lilac.

Free knitting instructions

Cashseta pullover in orange

A great sweater with wow effect!

Free knitting instructions

Short-sleeved cardigan

This delicate jacket is the perfect companion for cooler summer evenings.

Sweater with Zackenajourmuster

Petrol blue triangular scarf

Pulli in braid drop stitch pattern

Cardigan in rich shades of green

Cardigan in beautiful blackberry tone

Knitted sweater with sewn scarf

Knitted V-neck sweater

Cuddly combination of cap and cloth

Knit XXL scarf yourself

Free knitting instructions

Elegant cardigan in pink

Free guide

Poufs made of merino wool

Free guide

Knit a fluffy blanket yourself

Free guide

Noble slippers made of cashmere

Free guide

Make a nice felt bag yourself

Free guide

Knitted placemats

Free guide

Make beetle slippers yourself

Free guide

Rustic basket

Free guide

Big snail pillow

Free guide

Cuddly doll mermaid

Free knitting instructions

Cuddly jumper with Zopfrautenmuster

All knitting instructions can be found here

All free FOR YOU knitting instructions as downloads can be found here. We hope you have fun!

Free download

Dear knit fan. Here we have provided a lot of instructions and patterns for you. From scarves and hats to sweaters and airy tops to pretty knit dresses. Let your knitting pleasure run free. Naturally, you will also find out which needles and which wools you will be using for the respective work. So, get started now: Simply select knitting instructions, click on the download button, print out the PDF and start knitting. We wish you a lot of fun!

If you want to refresh your knitting skills, then we recommend a look at the FÜRSIE knitting tutorials. In short video tutorials you will find everything you need to knit according to our instructions.

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