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Crafting is not only a lot of fun and is a great pastime for the whole family, it also creates creative masterpieces of cardboard, paper or wood. We have collected the most beautiful ideas for children's toys, which you can easily copy and uncomplicated.

Toy excavators, dolls and dollhouse, stuffed animals, rocking horse and grocery store: The selection of a wide variety of children's toys is great, and most of the children's rooms are well equipped. For some toys, however, parents, grandparents, godfathers and Co. often have to dig deep into their pockets. We think it does not have to be this way and make baby toys and toys for older children quickly and easily yourself - purses and the little ones will thank you! Below you will find short building instructions and simple ideas for crafting new toys.

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Crochet stuffed animals

They are the most faithful companions of childhood, serve as a sleep aid and consolation, babies and children just love them: small, fluffy stuffed animals to cuddle, petting and playing. Make your children a special treat, and crochet the cutest pet creatures yourself. How about a cute cat or a sweet snail, for example? What you need for manual work and what to look for, we explain here. You will also find a video tutorial for basic crocheting techniques.

Colorful finger puppets

You can easily make small, colorful finger figures out of felt. They are made quickly and can be designed individually. All you need is colorful craft felt, glue, a felt-tip pen and scissors. We make a little piggy. Cut out two pieces of felt (8 x 4 cm) and round them off at the top to create the shape of a finger. Join both parts by placing the glue on the outer edges. However, the lower edge and middle of the fabric should remain free of adhesive. Now cut out two identical arms and two small felt ears and fix these pieces of felt with glue at the back of the body. At the end, give the pig a face. To do this, paint two eyes with a pen and cut out a round, red nose made of felt and stick it in the middle of the face - the first homemade finger puppet is ready. Easy, right?

Tip:Make your own puppet theater out of an old shoe box. The box can be painted to your heart's content with color and you can think your own, creative stage design!


It can be found in every nursery: Memory. Memory games especially promote the concentration and thinking ability of children, while the social card game is great fun for the whole family. Memory cards are available for all ages - for toddlers with simple themes, but also for older children with complex visuals. Did you know that you can easily make a memory game yourself? For this you need cardboard, scissors, glue and of course creative motives. Whether everyday objects, family photos or beautiful holiday pictures: print out beautiful pictures depending on the age of the child, understand twice, and stick them on a sturdy cardboard. Then you just have to cut out all cards and the game can start!

soap bubbles

Soap bubbles are very popular with children of all ages. With the right tips and tricks, the soapy water can be made at home in no time at all - and above all, at low cost - already, great bubbles can be blown into the sky! What you need in addition to water, dextrose and wallpaper paste, you will find in our guide article soap bubbles themselves. We wish you a lot of fun!

Motif stamp

Children like to paint colorful pictures and romp about doing so right. Once the little ones are in full swing, they do not want to give away crayons, felt-tip pens, ink or wax painters. The finished works of art give them to mum, dad, siblings, grandma or grandfather and dear friends. We have another great idea for paper design. Carve small stamp motifs from potatoes and inspire your children with the well-known potato print. Children can dip the stamps in color and put funny pictures on paper.

The special feature of the self-made fun: Each toy is a real unique and captivates by a very personal touch. Let yourself be inspired and tinker!


Leona Malchow

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