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Canning Blueberries

How to Can Blueberries ~Easy Method (June 2019).


Whether freshly picked or boiled: ripe blueberries not only taste deliciously aromatic, they are also extremely healthy at the same time. In addition, the berries give jams, jams, chutneys and Co. a beautiful, blue color. A recipe for blueberry jam can be found here.

Blueberries sweeten the summer and are missing in winter. That's why we simply cook the blue berries in mason jars during the harvest season, making them last longer. In the cold season, we can then enjoy the canned fruit and conjure up the summer pleasure back on the plate.

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We have a simple guide on how to cook in the oven.

We too have awakened and created a fruity jam recipe. The jam tastes delicious on bread, but also gives desserts such as pancakes, crepes or Kaiserschmarrn the finishing touch. (Also perfect for desserts: our berry compote)

Recipe for blueberry jam


  • 1 kg of blueberries
  • 500 g jam sugar
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 vanilla pod


  1. First wash the blueberries thoroughly and remove the stylistic approaches. Thereafter, the berries should drain well.
  2. Then mix the blueberries in a bowl with half of the gelling sugar and the pith of the vanilla pod and let the mixture soak for about 30 minutes.
  3. Put the sugared blueberries in a saucepan and bring the fruits to a boil. Then squeeze the juice of the lemon and stir in the other half of the sugar. So the blueberries should simmer for about four to five minutes without a lid.
  4. Make a gelling sample and fill the jam with hot washed preserving jars and seal immediately.

Try the sweet blueberry quesadillas of the Kitchen Girls!

Our tip: For a very fine jelly, you should puree the berries before cooking and squeeze through a sieve so that shell and seeds are not included in the mass. You can find more tips and tricks on the subject of canning in our great canning special.

Did you know that you can easily harvest blueberries yourself? Visit a blueberry plantation and pick as many berries as you want - it could not be fresher. Do not forget your basket!

Blueberries are, unlike other fruits, very low in calories and contain little fructose. They are therefore among the healthiest fruits ever. Fresh blueberries consist mainly of water and are rich in vitamins, folic acid, iron and antioxidants, they are health-promoting. Why blueberries are now among the superfoods, read here >>

Blueberries alone are too boring for you? Then our blueberry jam with blackberries is for you!

Even more desire for canned fruit? Be sure to try our recipe for plum compote!

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