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"Signs of Labor" How To Know When It’s Time: by (May 2019).


At the end of the pregnancy, it will be exciting for many couples: when is the baby coming? He who listens to his body can correctly interpret the signs of an impending birth.

Nine months on, you already have your baby in your stomach - nine long months in which the baby has grown properly in the womb. Fortunately, the date of birth is getting closer and the physical symptoms, such as back pain, will soon be forgotten. But just at the first child, many women wonder how long it will take, until the birth and whether there are first signs that say clearly: "Attention, soon it starts!".

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Use these six signs of impending birth to identify when it's time to go to the hospital, and in what situation waiting is worthwhile. No matter what stage you are in, do things calmly and put as little stress on yourself and the baby as possible.

Signs of impending birth

1. Great pain is spreading

You have enjoyed your pregnancy to the fullest but find that it is now time to free the little roommate from his confined space? You are tired of being pregnant and look forward to having your body all to yourself again soon? And on top of that does every little movement of the child cause hellish pain? Then we can calm you down. This general reluctance and lack of space in the abdomen are the first signs of impending birth. Instead of cursing, you prefer to enjoy the last days of pregnancy and save yourself in anticipation.

2. Sleep and loss of appetite

Sure, you can imagine more comfortable than with a thick ball in front of your stomach to jump into bed - let alone sleep through. In addition to the physical handicap, the head just does not stop pondering: How will the birth go? Is the child healthy? What if I do not love my baby? Questions about questions - there is hardly any time for sleep. Also, the appetite decreases in the last days of pregnancy. The body prepares for the upcoming effort and can not use it at all: eating large meals whose digestion consumes excessive energy.

3. The stomach and intestines are crazy

About a week before birth, the digestive tract begins to rebel. Stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea are unpleasant signs that are to owe to the nasty labor hormones. The hormone level of the woman drives during the entire pregnancy roller coaster, but just to the end it is once again uncomfortable. The production of labor hormones, however, is very important for the progress of childbirth and promotes the development of labor. It helps to stay cool and stay close to a toilet.

4. The injection of the pre-milking

Not only the abdomen has gained in size during pregnancy, the breasts are large and firm a few weeks before birth. Milk production is running at full speed, because the newborn will first have to strengthen after birth. The dress rehearsal was successful as soon as a few days before the birth sporadically yellowish drops of mother's milk emerge from the nipple. The so-called pre-milking is a sure sign that the baby will soon see the light of day.

5. Lowering blows the birth momentum

Pregnant women often fear the pain of labor. So that the pain of labor does not suddenly rise from zero to one hundred, nature has taken precautions: Before the first labor contract, so-called Senkwehen provide from the 36th week of pregnancy, that the baby rotates and his head sinks deep into the pelvis. A clearer sign than Senkwehen does not exist. So take a deep breath and mentally prepare for real contractions.

6. Bubble jump and let's go!

Once the amniotic sac bursts, you can be very confident that your baby will be born in the next 24 to 48 hours and you and your partner are finally becoming parents. Even if the cervix is ​​often opened a few centimeters after the rupture of the membranes, it is important to keep calm: if the first heavy contractions occur at an interval of eight to ten minutes, this is the sign of getting dressed slowly and then off to the hospital. Anyone who has decided on a home birth informs the midwife.

Better once more than too little: Premature labor, a premature rupture of membranes or other complications are often a horror to expectant mothers. If you feel that something is wrong with you and the baby, a call to the gynecologist or birth ward is never wrong.

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