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DIY Time lapse | Bügelperlen Blumen Getränke Deckel | Perler beads flower drink cover | Party (June 2019).


With these coasters and glass lids, your summer garden table not only looks even happier, but also protects you from annoying creepy crawlies that are after your drinks.

Crafting fun for young and old

Who does not know them, the small, colorful pearls. They have accompanied us through our childhood and brought us many nice craft lessons with the greatest motives. For some time, the pearls are back in fashion trend and big and small tinker and iron, what the stuff holds. The insertion of different motifs promotes concentration and inventiveness of children and we can make the most beautiful gifts or decorations from the beads.

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We've crafted great lids of iron-on beads to help protect your drink. To enjoy the drink, you do not even have to remove the lid, because it has a small hole for a straw in the middle. This idea also makes something really great as a coaster! We'll tell you how it works.

What you need for the fruity coasters:

  • round plug-in board
  • Iron-on beads in red, white, yellow, pink, green, black, pink
  • Iron
  • baking paper


  1. Place any motive on the round plug-in board. For example, a melon, apple or grapefruit pattern as in the picture above. Leave a hole in the middle so you can insert a straw later and use the saucer as a glass lid.
  2. Place baking paper on the ironing beads and iron over medium heat. Finished!

It is important that the inserted motif is larger than your glasses, so that the crafted coasters on the table comes to its best advantage!

Whether fruits, flowers or funny smilies: let your creativity run wild and put any motives in the most beautiful colors.

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