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Handicraft Guide Make bird of paradise mask

How to Make a Feather Bird (March 2019).


Carnival in the nursery can be wonderfully celebrated with homemade Birds of Paradise masks. Shrill-colorful or pastel-delicate children take a colorful flight into the exotic Rio de Janeiro.

Your children still lack a colorful paper bird mask in the costume collection? How about this idea? A beautiful mask in bird of paradise look, which is quickly crafted and children while playing a lot of fun. The animal mask looks really funny when put on, and other kids will be big-eyed when they see this homemade carnival mask for the first time. The creative highlight: the colorful feathers made of paper and the yellow beak. With the right bird costume the next carnival party can come - the little bird of paradise is guaranteed!

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Material for the craft idea

  • Fotokarton
  • colorful construction paper
  • Motive punch circle (2.5 cm ø)
  • Hutgummi
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • paper glue
  • Lochzange


  1. Transfer the templates for the mask and beak (download file) to the photo carton, cut them out and fold them on the marked lines.
  2. There is also a template for the feathers, which is transferred several times to colorful construction paper. Cut out all feathers and fold each one in the middle and cut in at the edges.
  3. First stick the beak to the mask with paper glue. Then put in several layers also stick the colorful feathers. Also draw the eyelashes on the drawing paper with the template, cut out, fold on the marked line and cut many times. Then glue the eyelashes into the eye sockets from behind.
  4. Finally, use the motif punch to punch out a few colorful circles of construction paper and decorate the bird of paradise mask with even more splendor.
  5. Use the punch to punch two holes in the mask on the left and right. Thread the hat rubber on one side and knot it. Cut to the correct length for the head and also knot at the other side.

You are looking for more simple craft ideas for funny masks? You would like to make another animal with your children? Then take a look at our crafting instructions for great animal masks.

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