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REACTING TO MY OLD VINES! **cringe warning** (May 2019).


Lose weight while still eating with pleasure? That sounds too good to be true. Dr. Heike Englert is a professor of nutritional medicine in Münster. The method to remove with the inner voice was exclusively developed by her. Test it for you!

Dr. Heike Englert is a professor of nutritional medicine in Münster. The method to remove with the inner voice was exclusively developed by her

Miss Dr. Englert, your coaching program "Slim with the power of emotions" promises a new way to a feel-good figure. But how should that go, without diet and without starving?

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If you want to weigh less, of course, think about the choice and quantity of its food. But what's so bad about starving a bit? After all, that is no longer a life-threatening condition for us today. Real hunger looks different.

But the stomach is empty, and that is often difficult to bear


That's where the problem lies: instead of looking at what's behind this feeling, we're just trying to satisfy our needs quickly and immediately. The emptiness in the stomach could also have something to do with the emptiness in life.

In other words, we could all weigh less easily anyway. Why is there more and more overweight?

Because only the knowledge of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and calories does not change anything. However, it quickly changes when we realize that food and weight are part of our lifestyle. Being slim means something different for everyone, one who speaks 90 kilos, the other 50 kilos. But many people actually hope for something else: more liveliness, joy and ease of life, for example.

So inner satisfaction with yourself and life


Correct. It's about the fullness of life, as I call it. Often negative emotions such as frustration, anger, anger, but also boredom are simply "eaten away" - eating is the perfect coping strategy. We would like to shout at the boss, we are so angry at him - but of course we do not. We would love to talk to a friend, but nobody has time. The thick sandwich or the chocolate cake distracts, comforts and ensures satisfaction. Why? Because fat and sugar reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the blood and stimulate the production of the feel-good hormone serotonin.

So the body is pretending something to us?

Yes. After all, you are still lonely and the stress in the company is still there.

Often, however, patterns of behavior are also deeply hidden in the subconscious


That's true. If we are not careful, so listen well to our inner voice, then we just feel bad and do not really know why. Therefore, my program is not a diet, at the end guaranteed so many pounds have disappeared. Food is an expression of our way of life, the way of life. And to change that is a process that may take longer.

How can I push this process?

A good place to start is when you feel what you really care about and can formulate realistic goals. A Marilyn Monroe will not be a Twiggy. But that's not the point. It's about contentment, happiness, joie de vivre - these are the emotions we want to activate, and we want to harness the power of those feelings for our goal of being slim.

At some point, we'll probably have to get out of our comfort zone, right?

Yes, indeed, and then you need a little discipline and moments in which we give our hearts and minds courage. Sometimes you have to treat yourself to an exception. If you have a little patience and forbearance with yourself, consequence will always be better!

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