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Dr. Oz's Morning Workout (June 2019).


These exercises specifically strengthen your muscles, can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life and increase not only your fitness, but also by the way your joy of life. We show you the best fitness exercises as a mini-work-out!

Work-out for the home

Now there are no excuses anymore. This mini-work-out can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life. You will see: Even if it seems strange at the beginning, with time the training at home becomes routine. Every now and then you feel fitter, your muscles become more defined and your zest for life increases! In order to feel completely fit, a healthy diet is especially important. It is not necessarily about losing weight, but having enough energy for the day. A delicious example is the porridge by Barbara Becker with a dash of linseed oil.

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The best fitness exercises for the home

We show with vivid pictures how the exercises work. They are so constructed and kept simple that you can train at home or in the office. Divided is the small fitness program in "morning exercises", "exercises for the office" and "exercises in the evening": Click through our gallery and learn more about fitness exercises without equipment for a great body feeling and more fitness in everyday life. Here we go!

Fitness exercise in the morning


For the straight abdominal muscles

  • Put on the floor, put up his heels. Cross arms loosely behind your head, slowly lower your upper body and straighten it up again. Pay attention to the correct execution.
  • If you want to vary the exercise or relieve your spine and loin area, you can perform crunches instead of sit-ups. The basic position is the same, but in abdominal compression, only the shoulder blades are raised from the floor and the lower back area remains. Both variants for a great belly can also be performed diagonally, so you can activate the lateral abdominal muscles.

Repetitions: initially 12 to 15, later 25 to 30

Work-out for the home

AM TOMORROW: arm support

Forms the triceps

  • Sit on the edge of the bed, support the arms close to the upper body. Slip forward until your butt floats in the air. The feet are hip-width, lower and thighs form a right angle. Bend your arms, slowly lower your buttocks and push your arms up again, but do not quite reach out.

Repetitions: initially 5 to 8, later 10 to 12

Work-out for the home


Strengthens arms, shoulders, chest and back

  • Move to the push-up position with knees in place. Hands about a hand's breadth further than shoulder width and lean slightly outwards. Head and upper body form a straight line. Slowly bring your arms and upper body down; exhale. Press again when inhaling.

Repetitions: initially 6 to 8, later 10 to 12

Work-out for home and office

IN OFFICE: Rückensenke

For the long straight back muscles

  • Sit upright, arms over the head, right hand covers the left. Stretch back slowly to about 45 degrees, just as slowly straighten up. Hold tension. Alternatively: Raise the vertebrae for vertebrae.

Repetitions: 8 to 10

Work-out for home and office

LUNCH / IN THE OFFICE: wall squat

For beautiful thighs and a firm butt

  • Lean your back against a wall / door frame during lunch or break and slowly bend your legs until the upper and lower legs are at a right angle. Press the back firmly against the wall. Hold the position, continue breathing. Raising up again.

Repetitions: increase slowly to 20, hold for 10 to 15 seconds

Work-out for home and office

IN THE OFFICE: Hand pressing

Strengthens the chest muscles

  • Sit upright, palms facing each other flat against the chest, press firmly together. Hold tension for 10 seconds while breathing evenly. Loosen.

Repetitions: 5 to 8

Work-out for home and office

Lunchtime / IM OFFICE: One-legged stand

Forms the legs, strengthens the lateral hip and gluteal muscles, improves the body tension

  • Take off shoes, stand upright, shift weight to right leg, place sole of left foot on right knee inside. Raise your arms above your head, keep your balance; breathe evenly.

Repetitions: 3 to 4, hold for 15 to 20 seconds, then pause

Work-out for the home


Strengthens the calf muscles, relieves the strain on the veins

  • Slowly put on tiptoe and unroll - for example, when brushing your teeth. Even more effective: put the bales on a step and lower the heels slightly above the "zero line". Attention, do not overstretch!

Repetitions: initially 10, later increase to 20

Work-out for the home

IN THE EVENING: board support

Strengthens the entire body, promotes the interaction of all muscles

  • Lie on your stomach, lean on your forearms, open your legs hip-width, set your toes up. Build tension and lift the body a few inches from the ground. Head, back and legs form a line. Breathe evenly. Variant: lateral position; to support the forearm of the lower arm and the outside of the lower foot, prone body.

Repetitions: Hold 3 to 4, 10 to 30 seconds each

Work-out for the home


For the butt and the front thigh

  • Take a big step, shift your weight to the back of your leg and bend until your upper leg and lower leg are at a right angle. Slowly push up again and bend again.

Repetitions: 10 to 12, then paging

Work-out for the home

In the evening: shoulder bridge

For the lower back and the butt

  • Lay on your back, put your feet hip-width. Raise back and butt until thigh and upper body form a line. Slowly lower the basin, set it down briefly and lift it again.

Repetitions: 12 to 15

Exercising at home: Functional training for the whole body

A good addition to this mini workout is Functional Training. Again, many exercises are included in this mini workout. Functional training is about increasing physical fitness and making you fit for everyday life. Strengthened core muscles ensure a great posture. Strengthened muscles relieve the joints and prevent injuries. Train only with your own body weight, without any equipment and expensive membership in a gym!

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