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Trimmed And Toned Floorbarre ♥ Balletlates | Ballet Workout | Pilates Workout | Yoga (March 2019).


Tight muscles, a great posture and also inner balance - that promises ballet workout. A mix of classical dance, yoga and Pilates. Gentle and effective!

Stop! Take a moment to pay attention to your attitude: how are you sitting? Is your back round or straight? Or are you? Where are your shoulders, what is your stomach doing, where is your chin pointing? It probably looks like most of us: round back, hanging shoulders, chin down towards the chest. And the belly, well - is different

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Obviously, that does not look very elegant or good for the back. For better attitude notes now provides a new fitness trend: Ballet Workout. A mix of classical dance, yoga and Pilates. Ideal for those who enjoy music and exercise. You do not need any prior knowledge, no special equipment - for that you want long, supple muscles, a graceful gait and an extra dose of self-confidence.


"Perfect Posture with Ballet Workout" by Jessica Mentrup (Knaur Verlag, 96 pages, 9, 95 Euro). The complete training program, divided into three difficulty levels. The sports scientist explains in detail the psychological component of the training. Further information (also for the coach education):

The concept was developed by language and sports scientist Jessica Mentrup (see book tip). The special thing about her training: It influences not only the physical attitude but also the mental. "The exercises train body awareness, " explains the expert. Posture, gait and muscle tension change, you become straight and balanced. And that colors off: "Who goes to right, not only acts self-confident, he will be too." The Hamburg woman must know. She has been a passionate dancer since the age of four, but was dissatisfied with the sometimes very extreme ballet positions, which strain the tendons and joints. The 40-year-old therefore designed her own workout, "defused" the most effective exercises from the ballet and supplemented them with elements of yoga and Pilates. The result is a demanding full-body workout - gentle, powerful and amazingly effective.

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