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Free knitting pattern sweater in light pastel colors

knitting pattern for baby's and lady's sweater by Sapna Crafts(हिंदी में) English Subtitles (April 2019).


The perfect companion for shady places: Long sleeves ensure a cozy atmosphere, while light pastel shades give the cuddly pullover a summery look. Additional eye-catcher: the contrasting pattern, which requires a bit of concentration.

Sweater in pastel shades

Size 36/38 (42/44 - 48/50)
The figures for size 42/44 are in brackets, for size 48/50 after the indent. If there is only one indication, it applies to all three sizes.

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Lana Grossa quality "Cashseta" (40% modal, 30% polyamide, 15% cashmere, 15% silk, LL = approx. 100 m / 50g): approx. 500 (550 - 600) g pink (color: 17) and about 150 (200-250) g ​​of gray-hazel (fig. 6); Knitting Needles No. 7, 1 Circular Needle No. 7, 50 cm long.

Nodules border:
The 1st M every R as Rechtsstr. dep. The last M each R re str. Note: All parts with knot edge work!

Kraus re:
Back and forth st. 1 round to left, 1 round sts.

Color areas:
Work in intarsia technique, using 1 extra ball for each color area. When changing colors, always cross the threads on the back of the work so that no holes are formed. Stressed increases (side and sleeve slants): At the beginning of the R 2 st after 1 st st crossed out of the cross thread, at the R-end before the last 2 sts crossed out of the cross thread.

Knitting tension:
17 M and 32 R wrinkle with Nd. No. 7 = 10 x 10 cm.

Cast on 85 (91 - 97) M in greybeard. Stitch garley with knot edge, starting with 1 back-R. In the 2nd row divide the colors as follows: Edge M + 41 (44 - 47) M grey-toed, 1 M pink, 41 (44 - 47) M + marginal M gray-beige. Now weiterarb in color areas. For the pink area in every 2nd R beids. widen by 1 M and reduce the gray-brown areas accordingly. Do this until all M are knitted in pink. Already after 7 cm = 23 R from stop both sides. for the inclinations 1 st emphasizes first, then in every 6th row add 8x for every 1 st. = 103 (109 - 115) M. Now continue straight. After 11.5 (13.5 - 15.5) cm = 38 (44 - 50) R from last increase in both cases. for the armholes, cast off 5 sts. = 93 (99 - 105) M. Now straight again straight. In 19.5 (20.5 - 21.5) cm = 62 (66 - 70) R armhole height beids. for shoulder squares cast off 4 (5 - 5) sts, then cast off 4 sts 4 times in each 2nd row and 3 sts 2 times (6 times 4 sts each time - 3 times 5 sts each and 3 times 4 sts each). In the following row, cast off the remaining 41 sts for the straight neckline.

Like the back part, but with a round neckline. But at the same time with the beginning of the shoulder bevel the mean. 25m abk. and both sides separated weiterstr. At the inner edge for the further rounding in each 2nd R still 1x 3 sts, 2x each 2 sts and 1x 1 sts. After the last shoulder decrease at the outer edge the M of the one side are used up. Finish the other side the same way.

Cast on 46 (50 - 54) sts in pink. Stitch garley with knot edge, starting with 1 back-R. Duplex Bind. for the bevels in the 10th row from the stop 1 st from left to right, then in every 10th row add 10 more times 1 st. = 68 (72 - 76) M. After 39 cm = 125 R from the stop both sides. 1 mark and straight forward. After 3 cm = 10 R from mark off all sts loose.

Working out:
Stretch parts, moisten and allow to dry. Close the seams, the sleeve seams only up to the marking. With the round. from the neck edge, grasp 86 m. For the panel, knit in round sts. In 2 cm = 5 Rd aperture height, cast off the sts. Insert sleeves.

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