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Free knitting pattern Short-sleeved cardigan

Vintage Short Sleeved Cardigan Knitting Pattern (The Knitting Network WLD038) (June 2019).


The short-sleeved cardigan in radiant colors is knitted only from right-hand stitching, which is quick and easy. The gradient is created by the yarn itself. Two reasons why it is ideal for knitting beginners. The jacket is of course a great combination partner.

Jacket Pezza

Size 34/36 (38/40 - 42/44)
The figures for size 38/40 are in brackets, for size 42/44 after the indent. If there is only one indication, it applies to all three sizes.

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Lana Grossa quality "Pezza" (70% cotton, 30% polyamide, LL = approx. 70m / 50g): approx. 400 (450-500) g green / turquoise / terracotta / ocher / olive (Fb. 5); Knitting Needles No. 12, 1 Circular Needle No. 12, 100 cm long, 1 Crochet Hook No. 7; 4 buttons by Union Knopf, art. 453087, print 38 light green, 23 mm ø.

Nodules border:
The 1st M every R as Rechtsstr. dep. The last M each R re str. Note: All parts with knot edge work!

Smooth re:
Reverse, reverse R str. Kraus re: back and forth re str.

Knitting tension:
10.5 M and 16 R shred with Nd. No. 12 = 10 x 10 cm.

Back part and front parts:
Hanging in one piece str. For 94 (102 -112) M with the round. Cast on No. 12. Work garter st, beginning with 1 back row. As desired and irregular smooth surfaces over 7 M and 4 R each. They are indicated in the sectional diagram. After 29 (30-31) cm = 47 (49-51) Rab stop continue the work for the armholes in 3 parts. First, continue the right front yoke over the 24 (26 - 28) sts on the working edge. Disconnect all other Ms. When piece measures 7 (8 - 9) cm = 10 (12 - 14) R Pick up 5 sts at the edge of the neckline, cast off 2 sts 2 times in each 2nd row and cast off 1 st 3 times. In 8 cm = 14 R neckline cut off the remaining 12 (14 - 16) shoulder sts. Place the left front yoke over the disused 24 (26 - 28) sts on the left side of the workstead opposite the front yoke. Now about the middle. 46 (50 - 56) M continue the back yoke. In 15 (16 - 17) cm = 24 (26 - 28) R armhole height, cast off all sts at once, keeping the median approx. Mark 22 (22 - 24) M for the straight neckline margin.

34 (36-38) M with Nd. Turn to No. 1. First of all, 1 reverse R st. Then in succession graduation: edge-M, 13 (14 -15) M kraus re, 6 M smooth re, 13 (14-15) M kraus re, edge-M. After 16 cm = 27 Rab stop all sts loose off. Working out: Tighten, moisten and let parts dry. Close shoulder and sleeve seams. With the crochet. No. 7 Crochet the vertical front edges and the neckline margin with 1 R fe M each and Krebsm (= fe M from left to right), while crocheting 4 buttonholes from 2 Luftm each in the Fe-MR. The lower buttonhole with 6 cm distance to the lower edge, place the upper 3 cm away from the neckline, evenly distribute the remaining 2 buttonholes in between. Insert sleeves. Sew on buttons.

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