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Free knitting pattern Petrol blue triangular scarf

Storyteller Knits Podcast- Episode 2 (March 2019).


Nice and practical: Especially when the evenings are a bit cool, this triangular scarf is the ideal companion in spring. It warms the shoulders and is still airy thanks to the permeable knit pattern. This model is knitted of mohair and silk, which makes it comfortable to wear. So, to the needles and off you go!

Triangular scarf with ajour pattern

Silkhair approx. 78 x 144 cm (L x W)

Lana Grossa quality "Silkhair" (70% mohair (superkid), 30% silk, LL = approx. 210 m / 25 g): approx. 100 g blue petrol (Fb. 121); each 1 circular needles No. 3, 5, 80 and 120 cm long, 1 wool crochet hook No. 3.

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Chain Edge:
The 1st st of each row. Turn the last st on each row as if to the left, dep., Keeping the thread in front of the st. Note: The oblique edges in the chain edge work!

Smooth re:
Reverse R M, reverse R li M str.

Ajour pattern with smooth re:
After knitting str. The numbers on the outside are the Hin-R. In the back R, start the M and U left. In the width, start with 5 sts between the arrows, doing so already in 1st R 2 st through 2U. = 7 sts. Attention: The further side increases in the Hin-R are as shown in the picture, starting with the 11th round. 6 M each over 10 R, ie both. 1x2 sts, then every 1 st in every 2nd row. Continue these increases in this rhythm. Until the 90th R all M are drawn completely. Here are then 111 M on the Nd. At the height the 1st - 90th R 1x str., Then the 81. - 90. R continuous Wdh., Doing the increases both. as described and drawn arb., while continuing the ajour pattern on the li border as before logically, on the right edge only smooth re weiterstr. The gray shaded R indicate 1 altitude MS, which always wdh. is, thereby the increases both. logically complement.

Knitting tension:
21 M and 32 R Ajour pattern and smooth re with Nd. No. 3, 5 = 10 x 10 cm. Note: The arrow in the cutting scheme indicates the knitting direction!

Start the cloth at the top and stripe from bottom to top in the direction of the arrow. For 5 M with the shorter round. Cast on No. 3, 5. In ajour pattern with chain edge str. = 7 sts after the 1st R Observe the arrangement of the lateral increases. With increasing M-number with the longer roundness. cont. After 78 cm = 250 R from the stop then 303 M are on the Nd. Then all M loose off.

Working out:
Tighten part, moisten and let dry. The entire outer edge with the crochet. Crochet No. 3 with 1 round fe sts from the back and from the front with 1 round pile. Finish the work.

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