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Free Knitting Pattern Knitted sweater with attached scarf

Hooded Cowl Scarf with Red Heart - How To Knit a Scarf with a Hood - Net Knitting (April 2019).


The super-soft baby alpaca yarn keeps cuddly warm on the first tentative spring days, especially thanks to the trendy eye-catcher on the décolleté: the tightly sewn-on scarf is practical and stands out for its beautiful knit pattern.

Sweater with sewn scarf

Size 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46 The figures for size 40/42 and 44/46 are in brackets. If there is only one indication, this applies to all sizes.

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Lana Grossa Alpaca Peru 200 (100% alpaca, run length 200 m / 50 g); 300 (350 - 400) g of rosewood (Fb 201); Knitting needles No. 3 and 3.5, a 40 cm long circular needles No. 3.

Smooth li:
Hinr li, Rückr re; in Rd always left

Smooth re:
Back, back left; in Rd always re.

Ajour pattern, M number divisible by 8 + 3 + 2 randm:
After knitting arb. There are only signs drawn; in the back all M and U li str. The 1st - 8th R always wdh.

Smooth with Needles No. 3.5: 23 M and 31 R = 10 x 10 cm; Ajour pattern with needles No. 3.5: 22 M and 31 R = 10 x 10 cm.

Cast on 120 (128 - 138) sts with needles no. Then smooth with needles No. 3.5. In 30.5 cm total height for the armholes 1x 5 sts, then in each 2nd round 1x 3 sts and 3x 1 st each side. Cast off. = 98 (106 - 116) sts. In 51 (53 - 55) cm total height for the shoulder slopes 1x 4 (5-7) sts and in each 2nd row 1x 4 sts each and 4x 5 sts each (3 x 5 sts each) 2 x 6 M each - 5x 6 M each). In 53.5 (55.5 - 57.5) cm total height for the neckline the average. Cast off 42 sts. and finish both sides separately. End the opposite side.

As the back arb., But for the deeper neckline already in 45.5 (47.5 - 49.5) cm total height the average. Cast off 16 sts. and finish both sides separately. For the cut-out round at the inner edge in each 2.R1x5M, 1x3M, 1x2 mouth 3 times each 1 M abk. End the opposite side.

Cast on 48 (52 - 56) sts with needles no. Then smooth with needles No. 3.5. For sleeve cuffs 1x in the 13th (11th - 9th) R from the last 1 st and 7x in every 12th R (6x in every 10th row and 3x in every 8th row R - 5x in every 8th row and 7x in every 6th row) 1 M each. initially. = 64 (72 - 82) M. In 37.5 (35.5 - 33.5) cm total height for the arm ball 1x 3 sts, then in each 2nd round 1x1m, 3xje1m, in each 4th round8xje1m, then again in every 2nd round 3xje1M, 1x2Mund1x3M abk. At 54 (52-50) cm total height, cast off the remaining 16 (24-34) sts. 2nd sleeve as well.

Cast on 45 (53 - 61) sts with needles nr. 3.5 in double cross stop and work in ajour pattern. In 90 (98 - 106) cm total height for the armholes on the right edge 1x 30 (38 - 46) sts and in each 2nd row 1x 4 sts, 1x 3 sts, 1x 2 sts, 3 times 1 st and 1x 3 sts, After 95 (103 - 111) cm total height all M are used up.

Completion: Clamp parts according to the cut, moisten and allow to dry. Place the scarf on the front piece, placing the armhole of the scarf flush with the armhole of the front piece; keep the scarf at the two larger sizes. Close the shoulder seams while holding the scarf over 5.5 cm on the right shoulder seam. From the neckline, grasp 106 M with the circular needle No. 3 and straighten 2.5 cm. M abk. Put on the sleeves, with the armholes of the scarf on the right armhole. Close the sleeve and side seams.

Tip: cross stop with double thread

Execution: Guide the single thread coming from the ball around the little finger and forefinger of the left hand just like with the simple stop, then guide it from front to back around the thumb and lay it twice - the double thread should be twice as long as the stop edge should. So the end thread runs to the right from the left hand, is then placed twice and then passed back into the left hand around the thumb. The thread end hangs between the thumb and forefinger to the left outside. Now make an initial loop, passing through the needle under the now formed thumb loop and catching the thread coming from the index finger - the initial loop contains the double thread. Then remove the noose from the thumb and tighten the initial loop. The single thread coming from the ball still leads to the needle around the index finger of the left hand. Then loop the double thread from the outside to the inside around the thumb of the left hand, holding the initial loop on the needle with your right hand. Now pull the thread 1x around the doubled thread in front of the thumb, take double thread loop from thumb, tighten double thread, then loop the double thread from the inside out around the thumb and catch the thread coming from the ball under the double thread behind the thumb,

Remove the double thread loop from the thumb and tighten the double thread. Thus, the M are formed with the simple thread, which is traversed alternately 1x around the outer and 1x around the inner double thread - the double thread loops always cover 2 M, see Figure 4. It shows some M of the attack. Continue in this manner until all necessary M are posted. Then first 1 back R left st.

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