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Free Knitting Pattern Knitted V-Neck Sweater

Knitted Basic Sweater with V neck Petra Pattern by Maricita Colours in English (May 2019).


A sweater that suits everything? No problem! The loose sweater with a fashionable V-neck has what it takes to become a favorite piece. He is knitted smooth left, which is fast and easy to rework. For casual outfits he fits great, with a blouse underneath he gets casual elegance.

V-neck knit sweater - Alpaca Peru 200

Size 36/38, 40/42 and 44/46 The figures for size 40/42 and 44/46 are in brackets. If there is only one indication, this applies to all sizes.

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Lana Grossa Alpaca Peru 200 (100% alpaca, length 200 m / 50 g); 350 (400 - 450) g ​​size (Fb 209); Knitting needles No. 3, 5, a 40 cm long circular needles No. 3, 5.

Smooth li:
Hinr li, Rückr re; in Rd always left Hoisting pattern, M-number divisible by 2 + 1 + 2 Randm: After knitting mark arb. There are drawn back and forth. The 1st - 8th R always wdh.

Knitting tension:
Lifting stitch pattern with needles No. 3.5: 24.5 M and 46.5 R = 10 x 10 cm.

119 (129 - 139) Cast on M with needles nr. 3.5 and for stocking 0.5 cm smooth. Then continue in a sling pattern. In 46 cm total height for armholes 1x 4 M and in each 2. R1 x 2M and 4x each 1M both. cast off = 99 (109-119) sts. At 67.5 (69.5 - 71.5) cm total height, cast off the remaining 99 (109 - 119) sts.

As the back arb., But for the V-neck in 43 (45 - 47) cm total height the average. M abk. and finish both sides separately. For the cut edge at the inner edge, dec 1 st in every 4th row and 1 st in every 6 rows. At 67.5 (69.5 - 71.5) cm total height, cast off the remaining 27 (32 - 37) sts. End the opposite side.

Cast on 59 (63 - 69) sts with needles no. 3, 5 and for the waistband 0, 5 cm. Then continue in hoop pattern. For the sleeve slants 1x in the 31st (23rd - 19th) R from the waistband, then 3 times in every 30th R and 3x in every 28. R (9x in every 20th R - 2x in every 18th R and 9x in every 16. R) 1 M each. initially. = 73 (83 - 93) sts. Continue the lift stitch pattern over the raised sts. In 50, 5 (48, 5 - 46, 5) cm total height for the arm ball 1x 4 M, in each 2. R1 x 2M, 4x each 1M, in each 4th R 13x each 1M, then again in every 2nd R 4x each 1 st, 1x 2 sts and 1x 3 sts beids. Cast off. At 67 (65 - 63) cm total height, cast off the remaining 9 (19-29) sts. 2nd sleeve as well.

Clamp parts according to the section, moisten and allow to dry. Close shoulder seams. From the neckline pick up 164 sts with circular needles nr. 3.5 and knit 1 round to the left, while adding 3 sts in the V cut-out top. M abk. Insert sleeves. Close the sleeve and side seams.

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