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Free instructions Knitting the fluffy blanket yourself

How to Arm Knit a Blanket in 45 Minutes with Simply Maggie (April 2019).


Great last-minute gift: From the fluffy alpaca merino yarn, the plaid is knitted on a thick circular knitting needle. Perfect for beginners and advanced!


approx. 200 x 80 cm (L x W), measured without fringes

Lana Grossa quality "Cloud Dégradé" (48% alpaca, 37% virgin wool (Merino), 15% polyamide, LL = approx. 80 m / 50 g): approx. 750 g honey yellow / camel / lime green / peach (Fb. 102)or rosewood / old rose / antique violet (note 101) or berry / olive / dark green / purple (note 105); 1 round needle size 8, 100 cm long, 1 crochet hook No. 9 for pulling in the fringes.

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Nodules border:
The 1st M every R as Rechtsstr. dep. The last M each R re str.

Kraus re:
Back and forth st.

Knitting tension:
11 M and 18 R curl with Nd. No. 8 = 10 x 10 cm.

90 M with the round. Cast No. 8 in the desired color. Kraus re with Knötchenrand str. After 200 cm = 360 R from the stop loose the M loose. Tip: It is best to always start a new ball at the beginning of the row so that the threads do not have to be sewn in the middle of the blanket later on.

Working out:
Sew all threads carefully. Now tie 30 fringes in the appropriate color over the narrow sides. Cut 4 threads each approx. 36 cm long per fringe. Lay the threads in half and now the resulting loop with crochet. pull a piece through the knitting edge. Pass the thread ends through the loop and tighten the fringe. The finished fringe length is about 17 cm.


Do a stitch test! Knit a 12 x 12 cm piece in the pattern of your chosen model. Then count out stitches and rows in the range 10 x 10 cm. If there are fewer stitches than indicated in the instructions, knit harder or take thinner needles (1/2 to full needle size). If you count more stitches: Try to knit more loosely or use thicker needles.

Please note: knitting works differently. Therefore, the stitch-sample data on the banderoles of wool should not be considered as binding. Moreover, these are always created on the basis of smooth right. For a perfect job, therefore, the stitch test in the desired pattern is a must. So that your desired model not only looks nice, but also fits!

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