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Free instructions Make your own felt bag yourself

How to Make a Gift Bag, DIY Small Gift Bags, Felt Crafts, Easy with a free template (April 2019).


This pocket for life is not at all pissed off: spacious, easy-care and an absolutely unique - simply a real eye-catcher! It is knit in intarsia technique smooth right and then felted in the washing machine.

Felt bag

Washed approx. 26 x 38 x 10 cm (L x W x D), without handle. The numbers in brackets are for the size before felting.

Lana Grossa quality "Feltro" (100% virgin wool - shrinks during washing approx. 30 - 40%, LL = approx. 50 m / 50 g): approx. 350 g of brown (Fb. 79) and approx. 100 g of powdered pink (Fb. 70), mottled brown (Fb. 23) and mottled gray (Fb. 3); Knitting Needles No. 8, 1 Circular Needle No. 8, 80 cm long, playing needles No. 8; Dust towels from the drugstore.

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Smooth re:
Reverse, reverse R str. In Rd only re M str.

Diamond pattern:
After counting pattern on page 87, smooth in R in intarsia technique. 1 check is valid for 1 st and 1 st. The numbers on the outside are the back-to-back, the outside the back-r. The thick numbers in the counting pattern stand for the color numbers, see explanation of symbols. Use an extra ball for each color area. When changing colors, always cross the threads on the back of the work so that no holes are formed. In width the drawn 154 M between arrows 1x str. At the height the 1st - 66th R 1x str.

Kraus re:
1 round in reverse, 1 round to the left.

Knitting tension:
11.5 M and 16.5 R smooth with Nd. No. 8 = 10 x 10 cm. Note: The dimensions for the sample apply before washing and felting.

The bag in 1 part str. The arrows in the cross-section indicate the direction of knitting!

Start the bag on the ground. Cast on 61 sts in brown. 1 reverse row, then stocking st. After 14.5 cm = 25 R from the stop, stop the 61 M for the time being.

Side panel:
With the round. from the narrow sides of the ground in brown, each 16 sts, from the abutment edge grasp 61 sts and take the disused 61 sts to it = 154 sts. At the beginning and end of the st each edge edge sts. = 156 sts. Now smooth between the edge sts in R in the diamond pattern. The R beginning is at a "corner". After 40 cm = 66 R from pattern start for the panel in brown, continue in stocking st, then trim off the edge sts. = 154 sts. After the 4th round remove the left. and close the side seam of the pocket in the mattress stitch.

Henkel (2x str.):
12 sts with the game knitting. cast in brown. The M on 4 Nd. spread (= 3 sts per second) and close to the Rd. Smooth on the round st. After 42 cm from the stop, bind off the sts.

Working out:
Wash the bag and handle at 40 ┬░ Delicates with 800 tours when spinning in the washing machine with liquid color detergent and dirt towels. Pull parts in the wet state into shape. Then stuff the bag firmly with a lot of crumpled paper and let it dry well. After drying, sew the handles on the inner edge of the bag as per the sewing pattern in the center using the matching sewing thread.


Do a stitch test! Knit a 12 x 12 cm piece in the pattern of your chosen model. Then count out stitches and rows in the range 10 x 10 cm. If there are fewer stitches than indicated in the instructions, knit harder or take thinner needles (1/2 to full needle size). If you count more stitches: Try to knit more loosely or use thicker needles.

Please note: knitting works differently. Therefore, the stitch-sample data on the banderoles of wool should not be considered as binding. Moreover, these are always created on the basis of smooth right. For a perfect job, therefore, the stitch test in the desired pattern is a must. So that your desired model not only looks nice, but also fits!

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