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The effort is worth it: The merino cashmere yarn looks super-noble in the cable pattern and keeps the feet warm together with the sheep wool insole.

Noble slippers

For shoe size 36 to 38

Lana Grossa quality "Alta Moda Cashmere 16" (78% virgin wool (Merino), 12% cashmere, 10% nylon, LL = approx. 110 m / 50 g): approx. 150 g powder pink (Fb. 17) and Lana Grossa -Quality "Cashmere 16 Fine" (80% virgin wool (Merino), 10% cashmere, 10% polyamide, LL = approx. 320 m / 50 g): approx. 50 g pink (color: 19) or a matching yarn rest in equal strength; Playing knitting needles no. 6 and 7, 1 crochet hook no. 2; 1 pair of leather soles for slippers and slippers Gr. 36 to 38 of Prym, Art. 975306 in light gray.

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Change 1 st, 1 ml in stocking sts.

Smooth re:
Reverse, reverse R str. In Rd only re str.

Ribs and cable patterns:
After knitting str. The numbers on the outside indicate the Rd. In width, all M are drawn between the arrows. At the bottom of the knitting font is the distribution to the 4 Nd. specified. The double arrow points to the back center. In the height for the ribbed trim the 1st - 7th round 1x str., Then for the cable pattern the 8th - 34th round 1x str., Then the 30th - 34th round always wdh.

Knitting tension:
19 M and 23 R cable pattern with Nd. No. 7 and Alta Moda Cashmere 16 knitted = 10 x 10 cm.

Cast 42 sts on needle size 6 using Alta Moda Cashmere 16. The M as follows to 4 Nd. Distribute and close to the round: 1x 9 sts, 1x 12 sts, 1x 9 sts and 1x 12 sts. Then with the ribbed panel from the back center onwards after the double arrow start with 1 sts. After 3 cm = 7 round from stop with nd. No. 7 in the cable pattern as drawn weiterarb. (= 6 MS per round). In the 9th round per MS 1 M as drawn initially. = 48 sts. After 11.5 cm = 27 rounds at the end of the iris, divide the sts anew: beids. from the back center, 11 sts each on the 1st and 4th nd. for the heel and 13 sts each on the 2nd and 3rd nd. for the foot leaf. The last 2 li M of the 1st Nd. on the 2nd nd. to lift. Now about the 22 M of the 1st and 4th Nd. straighten the boomerang heel in R, while evenly distributing in 1st Rs. 4x 2 sts each. = 18 M. Then shortened with double M from outside to inside until the middle. 6 heel m arb. 1st R = Hin-R: All M including the last M of the 1st Nd. turn right, turn. 2nd R = reverse R: 1 double M arb. To do this, put the thread in front of the work, pierce from right into the first st, then cast off M and thread together. and pull the thread firmly backwards. while the M on the Nd. pulled and lies twice. If the thread is not tightened enough, holes will be created later. Pull the thread forward again and all sts including the last st of the 4th nd. left, turn. 3. R: Work 1 double sts, then knit all sts to double sts at R-end. - the double st is left unturned, turn. 4th R: 1 double mark. and turn it up to double the volume again. The 3rd and 4th R so often, until both. 6 double sts are worked and 6 sts in the middle. Now 1 round over all M according to pattern str. (across the sts of the 1st and 4th hands, smoothly, over the sts of the 2nd and 3rd hands, logically in the cable pattern), while in the 1st Rd of the double sts grasp both M-limbs and as 1 st abstr. After this round again shortened R with double sts in the opposite direction from the inside to the outside. R 1 st = R: Turn all sts up to and including 6th straight heel sts (= 12 sts.). 2nd R = reverse R: 1 double st, now slip M back to the last single st, then turn. 3rd R: 1 double mark. Then stretch up to double sts. Re-coat as described. and then turn it round, turn. 4th R: 1 double mark. Now add up to twice the volume, then add to the stocking as described above, then turn left. Repeat the 3rd and 4th R as often as necessary, until the second heel M over the outer heel-st. After the last reverse R - in the successor R or at the beginning of the beginning, work 1 more double st once more - continue in Rd, while in the 1st round do the double st as described above. After completion of the heel for the foot on the M of the 1st and 4th Nd. = 18 sts in stocking sts, over the sts of the 2nd and 3rd sts. = 26 M logically continue the cable pattern. In 22 cm foot length including heel or after the 8th braid crossover for the band lace on all sts only smooth re str., While in 1st Rd on the 2nd and 3rd nd. evenly distributed 8x 2 sts each. = 36 sts in total. Now 9 sts each on the nd. to distribute. In succession Rd the 2 last sts of the 1st and 3rd nd. back together, the first 2 sts of the 2nd and 4th nd. coated coated. = 1 M as to the right dep., which follow. and drag the lifted M over it. There are 4 M in the Rd removed. These decreases in every 2nd round 3x and in each follow. Rd another 2x wdh. After the last decrease the rest of each 6 M to 2 Nd. Place and carefully push on the inside. Turn sock. Then each 1 M of the front and the corresponding M of the back Nd. re.-str. and the M at the same time abk. Sew thread ends carefully.

Working out:
The sole edges with the crochet. Crochet No. 2 and Cashmere 16 Fine, each with 1 round fe sts, making 2 sts in each hole. Then sew the soles to the socks with the rest of the thread.


Do a stitch test! Knit a 12 x 12 cm piece in the pattern of your chosen model. Then count out stitches and rows in the range 10 x 10 cm. If there are fewer stitches than indicated in the instructions, knit harder or take thinner needles (1/2 to full needle size). If you count more stitches: Try to knit more loosely or use thicker needles.

Please note: knitting works differently. Therefore, the stitch-sample data on the banderoles of wool should not be considered as binding. Moreover, these are always created on the basis of smooth right. For a perfect job, therefore, the stitch test in the desired pattern is a must. So that your desired model not only looks nice, but also fits!

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