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My Top 10 Slimming & Thinning Looks & Tips (June 2019).


Find with our help the perfect jeans, which flatters your figure and also conjures up a few extra pounds. These tips are ideal for the slim look.

The Christmas days are over and a few extra pounds on the hips unavoidable. They try to squeeze into their jeans, but they do not fit in the back and the front. Now it is too late to convince oneself a guilty conscience. Luckily, there are some helpful tricks these days. With the right cuts, you can look slimmer up to two sizes - without losing weight.

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Tips that help with every pair of jeans

In general, dark colors give the illusion of slimmer legs. With a dark denim article you optically lose a few pounds. An additional brighter, vertical wash in the middle of the leg enhances the slim effect. The models, which gradually become narrower after the widest part, are particularly appealing to a curvy figure. In addition, you should make sure that the buttocks sit as possible on the butt center. That makes the most beautiful rear part visually.

Bootcut Jeans

The best denim to conceal feminine curves is the bootcut pants. Bootcut means "boot cut" in German. This means that the pants are cut so far that they can be pulled over boots. This type of pants makes a particularly great figure. In these pants, strong thighs look slimmer on women and the buttocks smaller. Due to the fact that the flared trousers are cut further down, round calves are laminated. In addition, the legs appear longer.


Spring is getting closer and closer and you dread shorts? That's not a problem this season either. Boyfriend shorts are ideal for women with thicker thighs and cover at the same time unsightly dents. They hide the problem areas and play around the legs loosely. High shoes are a great contrast to the man-style and extend the legs. Wedge heels look great in the summer, but also pumps fit perfectly! These loose pants are also available in long. So you can hide your problem zones on the legs even on colder days. The pants may look like something "used": washed out and with a few holes they hit just the right style.

Elastic pants

Elastic pants are figure-hugging and super comfortable. So that the belly or some bacon do not emerge unnecessary, you should wear high-cut jeans. They will give you a completely different picture of your character. In the US, NYDJ trousers (Not Your Daughter's Jeans) are causing a sensation. The product is supposed to make customers one to two sizes leaner and that in seconds! The blue jeans are made of elastic Lycra, and the stretch front area to make a flat stomach and raise the bottom. The very youthful cut cheats everything in the right place. The Turkish textile merchant Mavi developed a collection in which the cut and the fabric of a curvy figure absolutely flatter. The range of slimming pants on the market is now very high. Everyone will find the perfect jeans for his type.

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