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How To Choose The Right Cycling Shoes - A Buyer's Guide (June 2019).


Shoes are vital to most women. But did you know that these wonderful items can seriously damage your health? With our tips, this is guaranteed to happen in the future and you can wear your shoes in style and still healthy.

Whether sneakers, ballerinas or pumps - every shoe has different requirements. Shoes are especially important for women. They are simply part of the outfit and are an important part of women's fashion. The problem is that women pay too much attention to the look and brand of the shoe. Here is a lack of proper advice and time. That's why so many people get a lot of foot complaints from years of wearing the wrong shoes. We'll give you tips on how to find the right shoes and be completely satisfied.

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Follow the wrong shoes

The "German Foot Report 2010" found that 82 percent of Germans wear the wrong shoes. This is pretty bad, because many unsightly complaints can occur. At the foot, all systems that enable people to walk upright start at the foot. Following wrong footwear can therefore be head and back pain, but also joint pain. In addition, many people have knee and hip problems or it develops a malposition of the toes. It is important to avoid this.

How do I find the right shoe?

That's why you should take some advice to heart. It is important that you change your shoes every now and then. People who wear the same pair of shoes for years have more health problems than people who change their shoes frequently. It would be ideal if you switch between several pairs of shoes. Your feet will get a change and the shoes will have time to air. It is important that the shoe has constantly changing conditions, so that the strong muscles are maintained. It is also no problem, now and then wear pumps or high heels, as long as that does not happen too often. Because when walking with high heels, the whole body weight only weighs on the ball of the foot, and the toes hurt by the close cut, which can also deform over time. That is very unhealthy. If you wear high heels, then you always have to wear change shoes for the way there and back. Cozy boots or ballerinas in summer are ideal. So the ball of the foot is relieved, and also the toes must bear weight. After wearing high heels, we recommend walking around barefoot at home. The shoes should be changed every day. You should wear tight and sometimes even more shoes. In case of health problems or overweight one should not do without health shoes. We recommend that you always buy running shoes in a specialist shop. There, the seller gives qualified information and help. Good sports shoes should relieve the foot.

As a general rule, a good shoe should fit like a second skin during fitting and should not be too loose, but not too tight. You can easily get blisters from it. The sentence "They still have to be broken in" applies only to leather shoes that may even widen. Modern shoes made of art material hardly adapt later. You should also buy your shoes in a specialty store if possible. There you have the best advice. And be sure to take time to buy your shoes. As your feet get "bigger" over the years, you should measure your feet before buying a shoe. Just do not try on the shoes after a long day at work, when your feet are totally overstretched. Her feet are then usually larger and wider. Good shoes are not too tight and allow the toes enough freedom of movement. The shoe should not be too tight, so a good unrolling is possible. The heels must be firm and should not slip back and forth.

Now, on your next shopping trip, you'll know what to look out for. I wish you success!

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