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Long, cuddly cardigans and coarse-knit wool sweaters are in fashion this winter. Unfortunately, many knits tend to scratch the skin, especially if they contain virgin wool or mohair. With the right care and our tips, your scratchy wool sweater will be wonderfully soft in the blink of an eye .

1. Wool wash program instead of hand washing

Who does not know: To remove stubborn dirt, you have to scrub the clothes in the sink properly. The wool fibers of your knitwear are strained by the hand wash - they matted and your sweater scratched even more. Better and gentler is the wool washing program in the washing machine.

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2. Use wool detergent

Be careful not to use full or color detergents as they will attack the fibers, roughen the wool, and cause your knit to lose elasticity and shape. Rather, grab a special wool detergent, which ensures that the sweater feels pleasantly soft.

3. Fabric softener works wonders

Fabric softener is a treat for scratchy knits:it wraps around the wool fibers, gives the pullover a softer feel and smoothes the surface. For garments with spandex, you should not use fabric softener.

4. Dry sweater lying down

The dryer is taboo for wool garments because they would shrink and matt. Gently pull the sweater, cardigan & co in a towel to keep the clothes in shape and let the knitwear dry flat. Tip: Do not dry woolen clothing in the blazing sun or on the heater as the fibers will be hard and scratchy due to heat.

5. Cold cure for wool sweater

This trick also provides a remedy for scratchy, rough or hairy wool sweaters. Place the knitted item, packed in a plastic bag, overnight in the freezer. Wool parts are more comfortable to wear after the cold procedure, also the hair loss of Angorapullovern is effectively prevented.

6. Treatment with wool wax

For this application you need 1 tsp anhydrous wool wax, 1 tsp detergent and 500 ml water. The wool wax, for example, you get in the pharmacy. Heat water in a pot until it begins to simmer and add detergent and wool wax. Stir the mixture until the ingredients have dissolved and a milky cloudy liquid has formed. Now let it cool down until the solution is lukewarm. Place the scratchy garment in a large, deep bowl and add the Wool Wax Detergent Blend. Fill the container with lukewarm water until everything is covered and let the solution work for a few hours. Take the knitted part out, gently squeeze it out with a towel and let it dry lying down. Your garment is now dirt-repellent, supple and the scratchy wool pleasantly soft.

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