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Workouts for Women : How to Lose Belly Fat with Exercises (June 2019).


How do you get your stomach taut and beautiful? Sure, with effective exercises for the stomach. FOR YOU health editor Dagmar Metzger has tried five methods to "conjure" a flat stomach.

The world of abdominal muscle workouts is pretty big. But have you ever wondered which of the many different methods is right for you? The same happened for SIE health editor Dagmar Metzger. She has tried five methods, which can bring a great body and crunches, classic exercises for stomach, legs and butt also a bit of variety in the fitness program.

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Exercises for the stomach - that has been tested:

  • Aerial or flying yoga is about to kill two birds with one stone: make lean on the stomach and reduce stress.
  • Not everyone has the time to go to a gym or special class, so our editor has tried a fitness DVD that will allow you to perform not only at home but also exercises without expensive fitness equipment.
  • For test number 3, our editor was put into a Hypoxi suit, which is supposed to provide over-and under-pressure for a flat stomach.
  • She had a lot of fun with the trampoline. The exercises are not only good for the stomach, legs, buttocks and back, but also for the soul!
  • With the Power Plate you train on a high-tech plate, which is supposed to vibrate for a better result.

As Dagmar Metzger said, in her review of the best exercises for the abdomen:

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