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The latest fashion trends directly from the catwalk

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The FOR YOU presents the latest fashion trends. From swimwear and denim trends to trendy dresses in pastel shades, including matching accessories for spring, summer, autumn and winter. And all this directly from the catwalks of fashion metropolises.

Fashion trends

Exclusive collection by Brian Rennie

Brian Rennie designs exclusive collection with star appeal for HSE 24!

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Fashion trend

Color blocking

Courage for the color is required! Try the new trend yourself!

Fashion trends

Alternative to leather, silk and wool: vegan clothing

Vegan is a trend.


Slimming jeans

The ideal jeans for every type

Which shape suits which figure? Which color is perfect?


Bags 2014

Satchel bag

The bags remind you of school days: Satchel bags are models in school tents


Fashion trend

Dresses: The new 2-in-1 look

Uncomplicated and yet stylish: That works!


summer Fashion

Styling tips for the pool

How do I make a good figure at the pool?


Fashion Week

We show you the trends of the coming season of the Fashion Week Berlin.

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Fashion Trends - Current Fashion Trends
Are you looking for a new outfit? We are always up to date and present the latest fashion trends directly from the catwalk as well as the most beautiful and unusual looks of the stars. From the French model look to Irish brogues to the matching accessories for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here you will find all brands and the latest fashion trends. We will tell you where the best offers for stylish designer dresses are and which designers offer the most beautiful costumes outfits for the Oktoberfest. In addition, there are videos exclusive to YOU ​​editorial staff with current styling tips for blouses, shoes and trousers - sometimes classic, sometimes modern or totally unusual with different prints. Get great styling tips from us.

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