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The best styling tips


Styling tips complacent? You would like to know which blazer suits which jeans or which clutch to your dress? With our fashion and styling tips, we'll show you how to best combine and how you'll always be worth a look.

Our styling tips

Tips & Tricks

Scratchy wool sweaters are cuddly soft

With our tips, scratchy wool sweaters, cardigans & Co. will be wonderfully soft again in the blink of an eye.

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Finding the right shoes

Treat your feet to the right shoes.

Styling tips

Slimming jeans

These tips support the slim look.

Well, where does the shoe push?

Shoe tips: No more too tight and too wide shoes

With our tips, the shoe fits again.


Hourglass figure through Spanx

Melt off excess pounds within minutes!

The right sportswear

The most popular handbag models

How do you actually earn points?

Styling tips

The perfect sport look

We show, we make you a good figure in sports.

Styling tip

Fashionable like Grace Kelly

An ode to the style of the great Grace Kelly.


The perfect sunglasses for your face

Which sunglasses fits which facial types?

problem areas

Fashion tips for chubby

We have styling tips for chubby women.

More styling tips can be found here

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