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Make-up and make-up tips



Make-up - what would we merely do women without this miracle cure? We provide lots of helpful and above all effective make-up and make-up tips, with which you can make-up for five years younger or hide small eye edges. You will also find the best mascara for the perfect moment.

Remove the edges of the eyes

Make-up of the eyes

Tired looks were yesterday! We tell you tips and tricks to hide the annoying dark circles.

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Lip Confessions

Apply lipstick properly

Glossy, creamy or gossamer - which lipstick suits you?

Make up

Make-up eyes to match eye shape

That's how you get the perfect eye make-up.

Professional tips

Make-up tips for dark types

Just put the time back on makeup - with professional tricks, the e


Perfect complexion

Makeup Tips: Make-up primer

Here you will find the step-by-step instructions for a perfect make-up foundation


Makeup tips

Summer makeup

Green, pink, turquoise - this summer will be colorful.


go out

New Year's SOS Tips

The New Year's Eve celebration is upon us but the outfit, the complexion or the shoes are causing problems? With our SOS tips, nothing goes wrong.

Makeup tips

Make-up for New Year's Eve

For the turn of the year, it should usually be something special: The make-up gives one


Makeup tips

The perfect make-up for green eyes

We have the best tips for a successful eye make-up.

Beauty products

You're beaming like that today

Rosé, silver and carmine - the secret of natural freshness in the face.


Makeup tips

Perfect make-up: make-up for gray eyes

Gray eyes are rare.



Find the right rouge

Which rouge suits me? We'll tell you!

For a beautiful complexion

Tinted day creams - which suits me?

We explain you what tinted moisturizers can do and which cream sic


Make-up disaster

The perfect makeup for blue eyes

Lengthen eyelashes

That makes our skin sick

Make-up tips: Make-up rouge

Cosmetics of make-up artists

You can find more make-up tips here

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