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For a healthy and active dog life! Win high-quality dog ​​food with Nutro Feed Clean!

Chewy Holiday Gift Guide: 2016 Cat Edition | Chewy (April 2019).


Natural and balanced: Nutro Feed Clean is giving away a 1.5 kg bag of Nutro Feed Clean Wild Frontier dog food worth € 12.99 on

Nutro Feed Clean is a new concept that focuses on natural, conscious and fresh ingredients. The Trend Clean Feeding combines healthy and delicious. For example, with the Feed Clean concept from Nutro:For this, the feed is produced as naturally as possible, without genetic engineering, artificial preservatives, flavorings and dyes. And it tastes good: the feed Nutro Wild Frontier contains up to 70 percent of animal-derived ingredients in dry and 90 percent in wet food. So it provides a real protein package that tastes our four-legged darlings and provides plenty of energy.

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Actor Jan Josef Liefers also feeds his dog Toni and says: "I think the concept of clean feeding is great. After all, dogs need a food that nourishes them well and contributes to a long, healthy and active dog life. "
The new Nutro Wild Frontier is available exclusively and only in specialist shops, online or offline. Extra tip: From July 1st to the end of the year, the 4-week free promotion: Buy Nutro Wild Frontier, feed, give feedback and get your money back.
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To participate in the raffle simply send an e-mail with the subject line "Nutro" to

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Good luck to all the participants!

This competition ends on 19.09.2018.

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