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Knitting for beginners Instructions for knitting with the Strickliesel

Spool Knitting - How to Spool Knit (April 2019).


The Strickliesel is not only popular with children: Adults can easily make knitwear with it. We explain in our tutorial how easy you can learn to finger knit.


Strickliesel with needle, crochet or knitting needle, yarn


  1. Take the yarn of your choice by hand and thread the end through the knitting nappies from top to bottom.
  2. Now hold the thread firmly with your hand, which also holds the knitting nappy, and use the other hand to wind the thread counterclockwise around one of the metal eyelets.
  3. The eyelet to the left of the newly wrapped eyelet also wrap around with the thread in a counterclockwise direction.
  4. Continue until all eyelets are wrapped once.
  5. Now hold the outside of the thread from the right to the left on the first looped eyelet and lift it with the needle over the eyelet.
  6. This will take you further and further, you will see that the knitting thread grows down from the knitted fabric.
  7. When the desired length is reached, separate the thread from the ball and knot it with the top four loops.

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Free knitting instructions, knitting videos, knitting patterns and many practical tips here on FÜ

Tip:If you've knit several strands, you can use them to knit decorative attachments for your knits, braid key chains or even make wool pieces.

In the video you can see how you can knit with the Strickliesel:

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