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Right now, everyone is on the patch style. And sometimes a little inspiration turns into a big bag. Design the jeans bag according to your wishes - with our free instructions for making yourself.

jeans pocket

For a better overview, we recommend that you first read the manual carefully and mark the size you want.
Jeans, dresses, blouses and jackets in various colors, 40 cm lining in blue, 140 cm wide (by Hemmers), sewing thread by Coats, 4 eyelets 2 cm Ø, 4 key rings 3.5 cm Ø, 1 zipper 30 cm long by Prym, various decorative parts such as buttons, felt flowers, labels, etc.
Make a pattern for the body, bottom, and closure as shown in Templates A, B, and C. The templates contain a seam allowance of 0.75 cm.

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Cutting, sewing and assembling
For the wearer from the legs of a pair of pants cut 4 strips of 3x75 cm. Place 2 x 2 strips left to left on top of each other and cover the long edges with the overlock machine.

For the bottom of the bag cut template C once from denim and from the lining.

For the closure, cut the template A 2 times from denim (eg jeans blouse) and overcast the straight fabric edges with the overlock machine.

Lay the pieces right to right and sew them together from the outer edges to the marking. Turn the seam allowance at the opening to the left side and insert the zipper.

Make 4 rectangles of 30x40 cm for the bag body. To do this, cut out unusual and interesting pieces from the garments and sew them together. This can be, for example, from a pair of trousers, the tote bag including fly, the Kappnaht a trouser leg, the embroidered back pocket, a cuff of denim jackets, faded pieces of fabric, etc. The fly can be used as a side pocket. To do this, additionally place the cut-out denim part with a lining and fix it with zigzag stitches on the outer edges of the denim part before further processing.

Cut 4 pocket pieces from the resulting rectangles using the pattern (template C). Close the front or rear center seam. Lay the front and back sides right side up and close the side seams. Sew in the bottom of the bag.

For the lining of the lining material also cut 4 parts according to template A and sew together the outer bag body. On request, you can work inside pockets out of the lining remnants. Turn the bag over to the left, open the zipper and sew the closure right to the right with a seam allowance of 0.5 cm into the pocket opening.

Turn the bag through the opened zipper, carefully work out the corners and seams and stitch the upper edge of the bag at a distance of 1 cm. One eyelet each in the corners. Insert the key rings into the eyelets and ends of the carrier. Completion: at the end decorate the bag as you like.

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