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Crochet Pattern Crochet pot holders

How to Crochet Potholder, Oven mitts, Pot Holders (April 2019).


So that you do not burn your hands on hot pots and casserole dishes, potholders are indispensable companions in your kitchen. Our guide will show you how to easily crochet the beautiful white pot holders yourself - step by step.

With our DIY ideas, you can sew or crochet your home decoration yourself in no time at all. An indispensable must for your kitchen: Our tutorial will show you how to crochet beautiful oven mitts in no time - as a beginner, as well as a professional. Tip: The self-crocheted pot holders are also great as a gift.

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Dimensions: approx. Ø 20 cm

You need: Coats, quality "Puppets Lyric 8/8" (100% cotton, run 70 m / 50 g), approx. 100 g in white, Fb. 00500; Crochet hooks No. 4 1/2 and 5


Download free tutorial on

Crochet with the double thread and needle No. 5: Close 5 meshes with 1 slit stitch to the ring.
1st round: 16 sticks in the ring, the 1st stick is replaced by 3 air meshes. The round ends with 1 sliver in the 3rd of the initial air mesh.
2nd round: Crochet 2 sticks into each chopsticks, replacing the 1st stick with 3 airlocks.
3rd round: 1 strong stitch (in the 3rd of the preliminary air stitches of the preliminary round), in the following stitch 4 sticks, skip 1 stitch, repeat from the beginning always.
4th round: 3 chopsticks into the fixed loop of the preliminary round, skip the 1st chopsticks of the 4th group, 3 sts on the following 3 sticks, repeat from the beginning.
5th round: 3 sticks on the 3 sticks of the preliminary round, in the 1st stick stitch 2 sticks, in the 2nd stick stitch 1 stick, in the 3rd stick stitch 2 sticks, always repeat from the beginning.
Round 6: With crochet hook No. 4 V and the simple thread: * 1 stick, 1 little toenail (= 3 air stitches, then 1 warp stitch in the 1st of these 3 air stitches), 1 stick in the same stitch as the 1st stick, 2 sticks on the following 2 sticks, repeat from *. The round ends with 1 sliver in the 1st stick.
Using needle no. 5 and the double thread, crochet a chain of almost 70 cm. Pull them through the last round of sticks, always pass over 4 sticks. Sew the chain at the end to form a loop as a hanger.


Visit and download here the sewing instructions including stitch pattern for the beautiful, crocheted pot holders >>

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