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The four different knitting patterns make your baby blanket an absolute gem. With our knitting instructions, it is easy to imitate the blanket in an instant. These and many other great knitting instructions can be found in the book "DaWanda: Self-knitted!", Published by GU.

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Material: 8 × 50 g Bingo by Lana Grossa, color beige, length 80 m / 50 g, pure new wool, 7 × 50 g Bingo by Lana Grossa, color natural, length 80 m / 50 g, pure new wool, knitting needle 5
Size: size of single squares 29 × 29 cm, total size of the ceiling 87 × 87 cm
For the ceiling you need a total of nine pattern squares, five in the color beige, four in nature. The pear pattern (Download 1) as well as the small checkerboard, rib and diagonal pattern (Download 2) are particularly well presented. Which of the four proposed patterns you want to perform in which color, you decide yourself. 2. In principle, each pattern over a total of 76 rows to execute. However, it is advisable to measure its width after the first 20 rows worked in the pattern. For a square, continue over the number of rows in the pattern until the height and width are approximately equal.
3. Arrange the patterns so that the beige squares form the corners and center of the ceiling, with the natural squares in between. Then sew on the right side with the hem stitch. To do this, intersect alternately into the stitches of both edges, thereby catching the whole stitch.
4. Stay on the right side and pick up a new one for each natural knit edge on one side edge of each stitch (page 44). At the corners, one stitch at a time, so that the edge runs around the corner later. Turn the blanket and knit one row to the left, knit two stitches to the right in the next row, then put an envelope over the right needle. Repeat these steps until the end of the series. Then knit another row to the left and tie off. Move the remaining side edges in the same way, then sew the edge sections together at the corners with the hem stitch.

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