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Dessert dessert in the glass

Easy dessert in a glass (April 2019).


Nicely served, the dessert tastes twice as good. Desserts in the glass can be wonderfully prepared and are served quickly. We show you irresistible dessert variations in the glass for your guests.

Mille-Feuille of mascarpone and raspberries

A dessert that will impress your guests - the combination of fruity raspberries with fluffy mascarpone is an ideal dessert on hot summer days. Try it!

Here is the recipe for the Mille-Feuille from Mascarpone with raspberries >>

Also try our cup cake recipe >>

Bavarian cream with apples

Get a piece of southern Germany home. With this recipe, you succeed in the easy-creamy cream in a jiffy.

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Click here for the recipe for a Bavarian cream with apples.

Red berry cake in the glass

The red berry cake does not just look nice, it's delicious too. Make this sweet treat from the glass and convince your guests!

Go to the recipe for a red berry cake in the glass.

Danish kblekage with honey

This delicious apple layer dessert with honey is a real delicacy from Denmark. And with this simple recipe, she also succeeds in your kitchen.

Click here for the recipe for the Danish kblekage with honey >>

Fine caramel cream

The combination of caramel and quince transforms this layered dessert into a true delicacy. With just a few ingredients and a few simple steps you can prepare this dessert at home.

Here you will find the recipe for the fine caramel cream >>


The pecan cup cake succeeds in the cup as in the glass - that's why he cheated under our recipes. You should always try it!

How to bake delicious pecan cakes >>

Hot chocolate tart

Chocolate lovers can not avoid this sweet temptation. With the finest chocolate and liquid core, this dessert is a true classic dessert.

Click here for the recipe for hot chocolate cakes.

Johann Lafers summer sorbets

Fast, easy and melt away: Johann Lafer reveals his best ice cream creations.

Here you will find Johann Lafer's summer sorbets.

Lemon sorbet

Especially on hot days, it's the delicious refreshments that let us cool down a bit. With our recipe, for a sparkling lemon sorbet, conjure up just as a savior.

Click here for the recipe for a refreshing-sweet lemon sorbet.

Mango mascarpone cream

Italian almond biscuits make for a crisp bite in this delicious cream.

Here is the recipe for a mango mascarpone cream.

Cherry and almond ice cream

Fruity enamel at its finest - the cherry-almond ice cream is worth a sweet sin.

Here is the recipe for a cherry-almond ice cream.

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